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FCC commissioner urges tougher steps on Chinese network equipment

Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr has called for new steps to ensure Huawei and ZTE equipment is barred from US telecommunications networks and ensure no electronic ...

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Huawei challenges the FCC over US national security threat designation

Huawei Technologies Co has filed a legal challenge to the Federal Communications Commission’s designation of the Chinese company as a US national security threat to communica...

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US lawmakers to back $1.9 billion to replace telecom equipment from Huawei and ZTE

US lawmakers are expected to endorse $1.9 billion to fund a program to remove telecom network equipment that the US government says poses national security risks as part of a year-...

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FCC begins process of halting China Telecom US operations

The US Federal Communications Commission has said it begun the process of revoking China Telecom’s authorization to operate from the United States as it required additional m...


FCC affirms ZTE poses US national security threat

The Federal Communications Commission has said it had rejected a petition from ZTE Corp requesting the agency to reconsider its decision designating the Chinese firm since a US fed...

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Huawei Technologies appeals against 5G network ban in Sweden

Huawei has appealed against Sweden’s decision to exclude the Chinese telecoms equipment maker from 5G systems, the Swedish telecoms regulator PTS has stated.


China urges Sweden to reverse its Huawei and ZTE ban

Sweden needs to reverse its ban on Chinese telecommunications businesses Huawei Technologies and ZTE in a projected 5G spectrum auction to avoid a “negative impact” on ...

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Sweden bans Huawei and ZTE from upcoming 5G networks

Sweden has banned telecoms gear from Huawei Technologies and ZTE within its own 5G community, linking other European nations that have restricted the use of Chinese providers on sa...


Supreme Court in UK dismisses Huawei and ZTE patent appeals

The UK’s Supreme Court has dismissed appeals by China’s Huawei and ZTE in patent disputes over Cellular data technology with Unwired Planet International and Conversant...

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US federal contract ban on 5 Chinese companies takes effect

New regulations took effect on Thursday barring the US government from buying goods or services from any company that uses products from five Chinese firms including Huawei Technol...

US China relations

US finalising federal contract ban for companies that use Huawei and others

The Trump White House is said to be planning to finalise regulations this week that will bar the US government from buying goods or services from any company that uses products fro...

Federal Communications Commission

The FCC issues final orders declaring Huawei and ZTE security threats to the US

The Federal Communications Commission has now formally designated Chinese’s Huawei Technologies and ZTE as posing threats to US national security, a declaration that bars US ...


Singapore operators pick Nokia and Ericsson over Huawei for 5G

Singapore’s biggest wireless network operators have selected Nokia and Ericsson over Huawei Technologies Co Ltd to build the main fifth-generation (5G) networks in the city-s...

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Trump extends US telecom supply chain order aimed at Huawei and ZTE

US President Donald Trump has extended for another year an executive order signed back in May of 2019 declaring a national emergency and barring US companies from using telecommuni...

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