Erdogan Turkey

Turkey’s Erdogan determined to control social media platforms

Turkey will introduce regulations to control social media platforms or shut them down, President Tayyip Erdogan has announced, pressing ahead with his governments plans after he sa...

Platform News: Google

New Google default wipes users’ location, web history after 18 months

Google has said it will automatically delete some location history after 18 months for new users and make it easier for everyone to access its search, Maps and YouTube apps without...

Platform News: Google movements

Google extends fact-checking to image search

Google has said it would start showing fact-checking labels on Google Images search results globally, as tech companies come under increasing pressure to combat the viral spread of...

Platform News: Twitter and tweets

Twitter takes down China-backed influence operation pushing COVID-19 propaganda

Twitter has said that has removed more than 170,000 accounts tied to a Beijing-backed influence operation that deceptively spread messages favourable to the Chinese government, inc...

Platform News: Social Media Giants, including Facebook, Google and Twitter

Trump to sign executive order on social media on Thursday – White House

US President Donald J Trump will sign an executive order on social media companies on Thursday, White House officials said after Trump threatened to shut down websites he accused o...

Platform News: YouTube logo

YouTube and Facebook remove ‘Plandemic’ video with ‘unsubstantiated’ COVID-19 claims

YouTube and Facebook have said that they were removing a video that made medically unsubstantiated claims relating to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Platform Industry Executive: Google CEO

Google advertising sales steady after coronavirus drop

A drop in Google ad sales steadied in April and some consumers returned to using the worlds dominant search engine for shopping in addition to finding novel coronavirus information...

Platform News: YouTube video streaming on a desktop computer

YouTube expands fact-check features to US video searches

YouTube has said it would start showing text and links from third-party fact-checkers to US-based viewers, part of efforts to curb misinformation on the site during the ongoing cor...

Platform Industry: Ripple Crypto and Blockchain and digital currencies

Ripple sues YouTube over cryptocurrency scams

Blockchain business Ripple has sued YouTube, alleging the video-sharing platform failed to protect consumers from cryptocurrency “giveaway” scams that use fake social m...

Platform Industry: Netflix streaming service

Netflix streams some educational films on YouTube for free

Netflix Inc has announced it had made some documentary features and series, including Our Planet and Explained, available on the company’s YouTube channel free of charge, at ...

Bocelli's Easter Service

Andrea Bocelli’s solo Easter Sunday concert scores YouTube streaming record

Andrea Bocelli’s solo Easter concert in a deserted Milan cathedral has scored a record as the most watched classical music concert on YouTube. 

JOOX Tencent

Music streaming platform JOOX sees usage spike across Southeast Asia

Lockdowns and travel restrictions prompted by the new coronavirus have been a boon to Tencent’s JOOX music streaming platform, driving a whopping 50% growth to its karaoke se...

Platform Industry: Netflix streaming service

Streaming: Netflix leads on downloads, but YouTube Kids grabs more hours

Netflix led rivals YouTube, Amazon Prime and Disney+ with over 59 million installs in the first quarter of 2020, but more time was spent on YouTube’s Kids service as usage bo...

Platform News: YouTube video streaming on a desktop computer

YouTube video seeks to keep Japan’s seniors in shape during coronavirus confinement

The coronavirus epidemic may be keeping people at home to avoid exposure to the disease but Japan’s senior citizens are still able to do their workouts thanks to a YouTube vi...