Work from home

Platform News: Ride-hailing app Uber Technologies

Uber to let office staff work up to half their time from anywhere

Uber will let employees work half their hours from wherever they want as part of its revamped return-to-office strategy, the transport app company plans to announce on Tuesday, acc...

Platform Economy: Home office and the future of work

Sticking with remote work? Businesses are betting on it

US businesses have been spending more on technology than on bricks and mortar for more than a decade now, but the trend has accelerated during the pandemic, one more sign that work...

Platform Economy: Dell Technologies

Dell sees sales above estimates on booming demand for remote-work tools

Dell Technologies forecast current-quarter sales above market expectations because of pandemic-driven shift to remote work and learning powered demand for its desktops and laptops,...

Platform News: COVID-19 and coronavirus

COVID-19 ‘war games’: the computer program that could help save your job

Bank of England Chief Economist Andy Haldane has signed up to judge the winner of a ‘war game’ designed to help firms find alternatives to mass layoffs in the face of a...

Platform News: Samsung Electronics retail store for smartphones and other hardware

Samsung eyes new opportunities as COVID-19 ignites demand for home appliances

From sanitising closets to custom fridges, the COVID-19 pandemic has fanned requirement for home appliances so much so that Samsung Electronics is incorporating warehouses and brin...

Platform News: Facebook meeting

Facebook employees to work from home until July 2021

Facebook will allow employees to work from home until July 2021 due to the outbreak and will give them $1,000 for home office needs, a spokeswoman for the social media giant said.