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US judge to hold TikTok ban hearing on November 4th

A US judge said on Tuesday he would hold a Nov. 4 hearing on whether to permit the American government to bar transactions with TikTok, a move that the Chinese-owned short video ap...

Platform News: viral TikTok video streaming app

TikTok says it already committed to government oversight of US data security

Video-sharing app TikTok has said that it’s already dedicated to the US government oversight of data safety in the nation, and that it was “disappointed” by the T...

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TikTok faces another test: its first US presidential election

TikTok, already under scrutiny over its Chinese ownership and threatened with a possible ban by US President Trump, is confronting another major obstacle: how to handle content aro...

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US offers to exempt employees and contractors from TikTok executive order

The US has offered to exclude from President Trump’s executive order transactions that involve TikTok workers and contractors performing”their regular job duties and re...

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ByteDance’s Douyin hits 600 million daily users

Douyin, the Chinese version of short-video app TikTok, reach 600 million daily active users in August, an executive with parent company ByteDance stated, a massive 50% increase sin...

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This is why Walmart still wants in on the TikTok deal

Walmart stated it is pressing forward with its wish to put money into TikTok as Oracle takes the lead in a partnership with the Chinese video-sharing program.

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News short: YouTube to launch TikTok-like product

YouTube is rolling out its own version of societal networking competitor TikTok, a new short-form video service named Shorts, enabled within its video-sharing platform.

Platform Economy: TikTok and US politics

ByteDance drops TikTok’s US sale, to partner with Oracle

ByteDance abandoned the purchase price of TikTok from the US on Sunday to pursue a partnership with Oracle it hopes will save it a US prohibit when appeasing China’s authorit...

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TikTok: This is what happens next

On Thursday, President Trump stated that he does not plan to extend a deadline for ByteDance to market TikTok’s US business, with the process still mired in uncertainty and p...

Platform news: TikTok app based in China, US politics

President Trump says there will be no extension of TikTok deadline

President Donald Trump said on Thursday the deadline set for Chinese firm ByteDance to sell its popular short-video program TikTok’s US operations wouldn’t be extended.

Platform Industry: ByteDance China company building

ByteDance to hand out cash bonuses to staff amid US pressure

ByteDance has said it would hand out cash bonuses to workers working to assist it “overcome challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and changing macro environment”.

European Commission

Google urges EU to be flexible in setting digital rule book

Google urged the European Commission on Thursday to prevent a one-size-fits-all approach into the technology sector in its coming Digital Services Act.

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Zoom forecasts sales surge as video conferencing becomes the norm

Zoom increased its annual revenue forecast by over 30% after comfortably defeating quarterly estimates on Monday since it converts more of its huge free user base to paid subscript...

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Stocks of TikTok US suitors hit by fears of blocks by China

Shares of TikTok US suitors Microsoft, Oracle and Walmart fell on Monday trading following Communist China’s move to limit some tech exports spurred worries Beijing might blo...