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Platform News: Instagram app on a smartphone

Facebook to test relaunched Instagram Lite in India

Facebook has said it is testing a new, less data-intensive version of its picture and video-sharing app Instagram in India, a key growth market for the US social networking giant.

Platform news: TikTok app based in China, US politics

US court hears appeal against order blocking TikTok app store ban

US appeals court on Monday questioned a government attorney within the Trump administration’s efforts to ban Americans from downloading Chinese-owned TikTok from US app store...

Platform Industry: US and China Relations and Politics

Stocks of TikTok US suitors hit by fears of blocks by China

Shares of TikTok US suitors Microsoft, Oracle and Walmart fell on Monday trading following Communist China’s move to limit some tech exports spurred worries Beijing might blo...

Platform Economy: TikTok and US politics

Poll: Forty percent of Americans back Trump executive order on TikTok

Forty percent of Americans ago President Donald J Trump’s threat to prohibit video-sharing app TikTok if it is not sold to a US buyer, according to a national survey carried ...