US politics

Amazon Warehouse

US senators ask Amazon if it tracks employees, curbs bids to form unions

Four Democratic senators have sent a letter to Inc’s CEO Jeff Bezos, requiring answers on its alleged movements to monitor and monitor employees and restrict attem...


Facebook bans ‘militarized’ calls for poll watching

Facebook has prohibited calls for poll watching that use “militarized language” as it tightened a slew of restrictions before US elections next month amid mounting alar...


Facebook bans all QAnon groups amid surging misinformation

Facebook has just classified the QAnon conspiracy theory movement as hazardous and started removing Facebook groups and pages as well as Instagram accounts that hold themselves out...

Tech Titans

American lawmakers detail Big Tech’s market abuses and press for reform

A US House of Representatives panel that is currently looking into abuses of market power by four platform businesses discovered they used “killer acquisitions” to smit...


Twitter removes 130 accounts during Trump-Biden presidential debate

Twitter has said it had removed 130 accounts, as they were trying to disrupt the public conversation during the first US presidential debate between President Trump and his Democra...


Facebook bans ads that call voting fraud widespread or election invalid

Facebook has banned ad’s on its flagship website and Instagram photo and video sharing support which claim widespread voting fraud, imply the US election results are invalid,...

TikTok US

TikTok’s promise of 25,000 new US jobs sets lofty goal

Even as dealmakers bicker over who will really own TikTok Global, another query arose after President Donald Trump agreed over the weekend to maintain the exceptionally popular vid...


Facebook removes Chinese accounts active in Philippines and US politics

Facebook has said it removed a community of inauthentic Chinese reports which were interfering in Asian and American politics, including some that posted substance supporting and c...

President Donald J Trump

Microsoft: Foreign hackers are targeting Biden and Trump camps

Microsoft has said that hackers connected to Russia, China, and Iran are trying to spy on people tied to US President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook to limit last-minute political ads in final US election push

Facebook has said it would stop accepting new political advertisements in the week prior to the US elections on the 3rd of November, in a series of moves that the company charged a...


Facebook partners with external researchers to study its impact on US election

Facebook Inc said on Monday it’s partnering with external researchers to examine the impact of the social media site on society throughout the 2020 US presidential election.


Facebook weighs ‘kill switch’ for political ads after the November election

Facebook is considering halting political advertisements after US Election Day to curtail post-election misinformation, a source who has had discussions with the social media giant...


TikTok removes 380,000 videos in US for hate speech

TikTok has eliminated over 380,000 movies in the United States for violating its hate speech coverage up to now this season, the short-form video app has said.


Facebook removes hundreds of QAnon conspiracy groups

Facebook has said it had removed nearly 800 QAnon conspiracy groups for articles celebrating violence, showing intent to use weapons, or bringing followers with patterns of violent...