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Amazon expects spring windfall as US reopens, posts record profits

Amazon.com posted record profits from pandemic shopping and indicated sales would keep growing even as customers emerged from their homes in the reopening US economy.

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Labor Board: Evidence presented by union in Amazon vote ‘could be grounds for overturning election’

The National Labor Relations Board on Wednesday said evidence submitted by the Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) “could be grounds for overturning” Am...

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Amazon union drive losing by wide margin with nearly half the votes counted

Amazon.com Inc warehouse employees in Alabama were on track to reject unionization by a 2-1 margin with almost half the votes counted in an election seen as a potential turning poi...

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German union calls four-day strike at Amazon sites ahead of Easter

The trade union Verdi has called for workers at six Amazon sites in Germany to go on strike from Sunday evening for four days in the latest attempt to try to force the US e-commerc...

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Amazon union election to start in February, US labor board says

Amazon.com’s first US union election since 2014 is scheduled to start with the mailing of ballots in early February along with a vote count beginning on the 30th of March, a ...

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Amazon’s surveillance can boost output and possibly limit unions

Amazon.com relies on extensive worker surveillance to improve employee output and possibly restrict unionisation efforts around the US, says a study paper issued on Monday by the O...

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Amazon’s French warehouses to reopen with 30% staff – unions

Amazon’s French warehouses are set to reopen today with about 30% of employees, three union officials said, ending a month-long dispute over whether the e-commerce giant was ...


France rejects Amazon’s request for unemployment schemes at its warehouse sites

The French government has rejected a request by Amazon.com Inc to tap a state partial unemployment scheme for employees at its six warehouses located across the country, a spokeswo...


German union calls more pre-Christmas Amazon strikes

BERLIN (Reuters) – Workers at three Amazon logistics centres in Germany have joined a strike called by trade union Verdi that will last until Saturday as part of a long-runni...