Robinhood Markets

Robinhood IPO faces threat of retail snub on Reddit

Robinhood Markets, which helped enable the “meme stock” frenzy earlier this year and later attracted flak for its handling of the trading mania, is facing pushback on s...

Platform News: GameStop

GameStop lures Amazon talent with grand plans and no frills

GameStop’s Chairman Ryan Cohen made a point of doing away with corporate excess such as a company plane and used the allure of rebuilding the videogame retailer to recruit Am...

Platform News: GameStop

GameStop jumps more than 16% as ‘meme’ stocks roar higher

Shares of GameStop soared 16.3% on Tuesday after hitting their highest level since late March, and other so-called “meme” stocks also rallied as investors shifted back ...

Platform News: Bitcoin and the rise of cryptocurrencies

Retail investors learn to love the crypto rollercoaster

When Brjánn Bettencourt rolled out of bed on Wednesday morning to find the assets in his cryptocurrency portfolio slammed in their biggest selloff in years, he knew exactly what to...

Platform News: FinTech trading app Robinhood

Buffett and Munger criticise Robinhood for casino-like atmosphere

Warren Buffett on Saturday likened the millions of inexperienced day traders who entered the stock market in the past year to gamblers, and said commission-free brokerages such as ...

Platform News: Facebook usage

Facebook takes on Clubhouse, unveils upcoming audio products

Mark Zuckerberg has said Facebook planned to launch several audio products, including Clubhouse-style live audio rooms and a way for users to find and play podcasts.

Platform News: Reddit is a mainstay of group-based social media

Reddit recovers from outage amid heavy trading in GameStop

Reddit recovered from an hour-long outage that affected thousands of users on Wednesday afternoon as volatility returned to stocks that were previously at the center of a slugfest ...

Platform Economy: Palantir and Peter Thiel

Palantir signals slower annual revenue growth, shares drop

Peter Thiel-backed data analytics business Palantir Technologies has signalled revenue growth would slow this year, casting a shadow on its better-than-expected quarterly results, ...

Platform News: Reddit is a mainstay of group-based social media

Reddit’s valuation doubles to $6 billion after new $250 million funding

Reddit, which has been at the heart of a recent trading frenzy, has announced that it successfully raised more than $250 million in a new round of funding that has doubled its valu...

Platform News: Reddit social network and discussion boards

Reddit trading frenzy fades as Janet Yellen summons agencies

A trading frenzy fuelled by users of Reddit and other social forums cooled yesterday as the new US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called a meeting of top officials that could resu...

Platform News: GameStop

GameStop: Wall Street versus the people of Reddit

On three hours of sleep and with no time to eat, one New York-based hedge fund manager overseeing billions in assets called last week the most stressful of his life.

Platform News: Reddit social network and discussion boards

GameStop extends Reddit driven rally after Elon Musk tweet

Amateur investors piled farther into market stocks Tuesday, sending professional sellers agreeing to pay losing bets, with GameStop skyrocketing for a fourth consecutive day, thank...

Platform News: President Trump speaking at the White House

How will Trump get his message out without social media?

The decision by tech oligarch’s to clamp down President Trump’s capacity to talk to followers through mainstream social media may require him to tap more conventional m...

Platform News: Reddit social network and discussion boards

Reddit to buy TikTok rival Dubsmash

Social network company Reddit stated on Sunday it could buy short-video platform Dubsmash, becoming the latest company to expand at a space dominated by Chinese-owned TikTok.

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