Facebook bans all QAnon groups amid surging misinformation

Facebook has just classified the QAnon conspiracy theory movement as hazardous and started removing Facebook groups and pages as well as Instagram accounts that hold themselves out...

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Facebook steps up promotion of groups content in feeds

Facebook has said it would begin promoting content from public Facebook Groups in users’ news feeds and in search engine results, defying calls by watchdog groups to limit al...

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Facebook will no longer show health groups amongst recommendations

Facebook will no more reveal health groups in its own recommendations, the social media giant announced on Thursday, saying it was critical that people get health information from ...

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TikTok faces another test: its first US presidential election

TikTok, already under scrutiny over its Chinese ownership and threatened with a possible ban by US President Trump, is confronting another major obstacle: how to handle content aro...

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What is QAnon and how are social media sites handling it?

Social networking giants Facebook and Twitter have declared crackdowns on content connected with all the unfounded and sprawling conspiracy concept QAnon.


Facebook says it dismantles disinformation network tied to Iran

Iran’s state broadcaster has used hundreds of fake social media accounts to covertly spread pro-Iranian messaging online since at least 2011, targeting voters in countries in...