Platform News: Facebook Social Media Buttons

Facebook says new law would prompt it to block Australian news sharing

Facebook will block information sharing on its platforms in Australia if a proposal to force the US technology giant to share revenue with local media outlets for featuring their c...

Platform Industry News: Twitter

Twitter labels state media, government officials’ accounts

Twitter will tag their senior staff state-affiliated media outlets and some government officials’ accounts, the company said in a blog post yesterday.

Scott Morrison

Australia to make Facebook and Google pay for news content

Australia will make US platform giants Facebook and Google financially cover Australian media outlets for news articles at a landmark move to safeguard independent journalism. The ...

Platform News: Apple logo

Apple expands news offerings with audio, local newspaper stories

Apple has expanded its news offerings with audio versions of stories narrated by voice actors for subscribers, a morning newscast hosted by two journalists and more access to local...

Platform News: Facebook on a smartphone

Facebook closes political ads loophole ahead of US election

Facebook has said it would affix labels to political ads shared by users on their own feeds, closing what critics have said for years was a glaring loophole in the company’s ...

Platform Industry: President Trump, Social Media, Section 230 and Fake News

Social media platforms distrusted by most Americans on content decisions

Most Americans do not trust social media companies to make the right decisions about what should be allowed on their platforms, but trust the government even less to make those cho...