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US warned Brazil that Huawei would leave it ‘high and dry’ on 5G

US national security adviser Jake Sullivan raised concerns about Huawei equipment in Brazil’s 5G telecoms network during his visit to the country last week, a Biden-Harris ad...

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Microsoft and Google openly feuding amid hacks and competition inquiries

Driven in part by pressure from lawmakers and regulators over the extraordinary power the two technology giants wield over American life, the two players are wrestling to throw eac...

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Twitter removes accounts it says are linked to Russia, Armenia and Iran

Twitter has stated that it has taken down some 373 accounts which it said had ties to Armenia, Russia and Iranian governments and had breached its platform manipulation policies.

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Huawei Technologies fears it may be excluded from Poland’s 5G network

Poland’s planned standards for assessing the risk of telecoms equipment suppliers are political and may be aimed at respecting Huawei from growing the country’s 5G netw...

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NATO chief says UK review of 5G security is important

The head of the NATO military alliance has stated that the West could not ignore the rise of China and so it was important that Britain had a review of the role of Huawei in its 5G...