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Google, Facebook agreed to team up against possible antitrust action, draft lawsuit says

Facebook and Alphabet Inc’s Google agreed to “cooperate and assist one another” in case of an investigation into their pact to work together in online advertising...

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Google hit with third lawsuit as US states sue over search dominance

Google faced its third major lawsuit in two weeks as some 38 US states and territories accused the $1 trillion search titan of abusing its market power to attempt to make its searc...

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Genius Media, The Nation sue Google in advertising antitrust lawsuit

Online publishers such as Genius Media Group and news site The Nation alleged in a lawsuit seeking class-action status on Wednesday that Google has unlawfully stifled advertising c...

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US lawsuit claims Google, Facebook cooperated to undermine ad competition

Facebook and Alphabet’s Google, the two largest players in online marketing, used a series of deals to combine their market power illegally, Texas and nine other states alleg...

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Australia sues Facebook over user data, echoing US antitrust case

An Australian ruler sued Facebook on Wednesday accusing it of gathering user data without consent, building on government attempts around the world to rein in the social media.

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US court hears appeal against order blocking TikTok app store ban

US appeals court on Monday questioned a government attorney within the Trump administration’s efforts to ban Americans from downloading Chinese-owned TikTok from US app store...

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Google faces $417 million claim from Czech search engine Seznam, the Czech Republic’s leading home-grown search platform, said on Thursday it had promised 9.072 billion crowns ($417 million) in damages from Google, alleging that...

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Facebook faces lawsuits that could force sale of Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook might be forced to sell its prized assets WhatsApp and Instagram following the US Federal Trade Commission and almost every US state filed lawsuits against the social medi...

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Google under review for possible UK competition enquiry

The UK’s competition regulator has said it was assessing whether a complaint about Google related to digital advertisements warranted a formal competition law investigation.

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Facebook probe in final stages as FTC, US states prepare lawsuits

The Federal Trade Commission along with a bipartisan group of dozens of state attorneys general are at the final stages of submitting one or more significant antitrust complaints a...

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Apple and US states reach $113 million settlement on throttling

Apple Inc will cover $113 million to settle allegations from 33 US states and the District of Columbia that it slowed down iPhones to mask battery difficulties and get users to pur...


Epic Games asks court to prevent what it describes as Apple’s ‘retaliation’

Epic Games have said they has asked a court to prevent what it saw as Apple Inc’s retaliation from the Fortnite creator after the iPhone maker terminated Epic Games’ de...

Platform Economy: TikTok and US politics

TikTok sues Trump over threatened US ban

TikTok has sued US President Donald Trump over his executive order banning trades in the United States with the popular short-form video-sharing program, calling it a pretext to fu...


Nokia wins second round of legal fight against Daimler

Nokia’s struggle with Daimler finished patent licensing charges obtained backing by a German court after the judge said that the carmaker hadn’t made a significant effo...