Platform Industry: President Donald J Trump comments

Trump sues Facebook, Twitter and Google, claiming censorship

Former US President Donald J Trump filed lawsuits against Twitter Inc, Facebook, and Google, as well as their chief executives, alleging they unlawfully silence conservative viewpo...

Platform News: Google

Google must face shareholder lawsuit claiming it hid security risks

A US appeals court has revived a lawsuit in which shareholders of Google parent Alphabet accused the company of fraudulently concealing security vulnerabilities, including in its G...

Platform News: Google search engine

Ohio sues to have Google declared a public utility

The US state of Ohio has asked a court to declare Google a public utility, a step the state’s Republican attorney general said would forbid the search and advertising giant f...

Platform Industry: Amazon corporate logo on a wall faces five new racial, gender bias lawsuits was hit with five new lawsuits by women who worked in corporate or warehouse management roles, and accused the online retailer of gender bias, racial bias or both.

Platform News: Google

Blocking Google class action would deny justice, UK court told

Blocking a proposed UK class action against Google, that alleges it secretly tracked millions of iPhone users a decade ago, risks allowing big business to behave with impunity, a l...

Platform News: Baidu search engine in China

Baidu defeats US shareholder lawsuit over China internet law compliance

A US judge has dismissed a lawsuit accusing Baidu Inc of defrauding shareholders about its ability to comply with Chinese regulations governing internet content.

Platform News: viral TikTok video streaming app

Pakistan court lifts ban on social media app TikTok

A high court in Pakistan said the country’s telecommunications authority can lift a block on social media app TikTok, after government officials said the company was working ...

Platform News: Facebook

US Supreme Court rebuffs Facebook appeal in user tracking lawsuit

The US Supreme Court has turned away Facebook’s bid to pare back a $15 billion class action lawsuit accusing the company of illegally tracking the activities of internet user...

Platform Industry: Google search engine

US DOJ accuses Google of dragging its feet in antitrust trial

The Department of Justice in the US has accused Google of dragging its feet in providing documents in preparation for a trial on allegations that it broke antitrust law while the s...

Platform News: Xiaomi

Blacklisted Chinese businesses eye lawsuits after Xiaomi win

Chinese businesses targeted by an investment ban imposed by former President Trump are considering suing the US government after a federal judge suspended a similar blacklisting fo...

Platform Economy: Parler App

Parler sues Amazon again, alleging effort to ‘destroy’ app

Parler, a wildly social media app, filed a new lawsuit accusing of trying to destroy its business following the January 6th storming of the US Capitol building by suppor...

Platform Industry: Amazon corporate logo on a wall

Amazon takes battle with Future Group to India’s top court

Amazon took its legal challenge against partner Future Group’s $3.4 billion retail assets sale to India’s Supreme Court, as the US online marketplace tries to stop a ma...

Platform News: Facebook

Facebook faces another UK class action after data harvesting scandal

Facebook is facing a second London High Court class action over allegations it failed to protect the personal details of about one million people in England and Wales, in the lates...

Platform Industry: China's Tencent

Douyin sues Tencent for monopolistic behaviour

ByteDance’s wildly popular short-video app Douyin has filed a complaint with a court in Beijing to sue Tencent for monopolistic behaviour and asked compensation, ByteDance ha...

Platform News: people sat in front of a Cisco Systems logo

Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Dell join legal battle against hacking company

Tech giants including Microsoft and Google on Monday joined Facebook’s legal struggle against hacking company NSO, submitting an amicus brief in federal court which warned th...