PayPal to open up network to cryptocurrencies

In a significant move, PayPal has said it will allow clients to hold bitcoin along with other digital coins on its own online wallet and shop utilizing cryptocurrencies in the 26 m...


Facebook’s Libra taps ex-HSBC exec as CFO of payments unit

Another former HSBC executive is heading into the Facebook-backed Libra cryptocurrency project, joining as chief financial officer of a unit tasked with handling the projected digi...


G7 vows to fight ransomware attacks; say stablecoin needs regulation

Fiscal leaders of this world’s seven biggest economies on Tuesday pledged to fight rising ransomware strikes amid the COVID-19 pandemic, also said no stablecoin surgery shoul...

Panetta ECB Digital Currency

ECB must prepare to issue a digital euro

The European Central Bank should prepare to issue a digital euro to complement banknotes “if and when” it becomes necessary, ECB board member Fabio Panetta has said tod...


EU nations call for cryptocurrency curbs to protect consumers

Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands called on the European Commission to draw up regulation for asset-backed cryptocurrencies to protect consumers and maintain state ...


Major bank-led digital cash settlement project gets delayed

A significant project between 13 of the world’s largest banks geared toward launch digital versions of key currencies in 2020 is not likely to get going this year, the busine...


Lithuania dabbles in crypto-coin as cbanks look for ways to fend off Facebook

The Baltic nation of Lithuania is about to issue the first central bank-produced digital coin in the euro zone, part of a project to trial state-backed digital currencies and block...


Singapore state investor Temasek joins Facebook’s Libra project

Singapore state investor Temasek Holdings has joined the Facebook-backed Libra digital currency project which has faced intense scrutiny from global regulators worried its launch c...


Facebook’s Libra names HSBC legal chief Stuart Levey as Chief Executive

Libra Association, the entity managing the Facebook Inc-led effort to build global digital currency Libra has appointed Stuart Levey as its first CEO. 


Payments service provider to join Facebook’s Libra Association

Global payment processor said on Tuesday it would join Libra Association, the entity managing the Facebook-led effort to build global digital currency Libra. 

Facebook's Libra

Ueli Maurer: Facebook’s Libra has failed in its current form

The President of Switzerland has stated that Facebook’s controversial cryptocurrency project has failed in its current form and needs reworking to be approved.


Facebook’s Libra lacks solid plan for launch- governing board member

LONDON (Reuters) – Facebook’s Libra project has no solid plan yet for how or where it will be launched next year, a member of the board that will oversee the cryptocurr...


European Union agrees tough line on digital currencies

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Private digital currencies like Facebook’s Libra should not be allowed in the European Union until the risks they could pose are clearly addressed,...


Facebook warns EU regulators seeking data access about privacy, liability risks

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Facebook warned European Union regulators on Monday against forcing tech giants to open their vast troves of data to rivals, saying such a move would car...