Platform News: A visualisation of Bitcoin, digital currency and cryptocurrency

US SEC charges BitConnect founder with $2 billion cryptocurrency fraud

The top US securities regulator has sued the founder of the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange platform BitConnect over his alleged role in fraudulently raising about $2 billion f...

Platform Industry: Google search engine

Google Play app store revenue hit $11.2 billion in 2019, lawsuit says

Google generated $11.2 billion in revenue from its mobile app store in 2019, according to a court filing unsealed over the weekend, offering a clear view into the service’s f...

Platform Economy: Verizon wireless in the US

Huawei and Verizon agree to settle patent lawsuits

Chinese telecommunications company Huawei Technologies and Verizon Communications agreed to settle a pair of lawsuits alleging patent infringement, the companies both have said.

Platform News: Baidu search engine in China

Baidu defeats US shareholder lawsuit over China internet law compliance

A US judge has dismissed a lawsuit accusing Baidu Inc of defrauding shareholders about its ability to comply with Chinese regulations governing internet content.

Platform News: Search engine Google's New York office

More US states join antitrust lawsuit against Google

Four more states have joined a lawsuit filed by the state of Texas and others against Google that accuses it of breaking antitrust laws to boost its already dominant advertising bu...

Platform News: Epic Games, the maker of the Fortnite game

Epic Games asks judge to block Apple’s removal of ‘Fortnite’ from the app store.

Epic Games has said it had been attempting to block Apple’s elimination of its wildly popular “Fortnite” from its program shop and has asked a judge to avoid any ...

Platform News: US ride-hailing services Lyft and Uber

Massachusetts sues Uber and Lyft over driver status

The US state of Massachusetts has now followed California in suing Uber Technologies and Lyft over allegedly misclassifying their drivers as independent contractors instead of empl...