Platform News: FinTech trading app Robinhood

Buffett and Munger criticise Robinhood for casino-like atmosphere

Warren Buffett on Saturday likened the millions of inexperienced day traders who entered the stock market in the past year to gamblers, and said commission-free brokerages such as ...

Platform News: Chipmakers Chip Semiconductors from Intel

Wall Street sees long road ahead as Intel seeks to regain market share

Intel Corp’s shares fell 7% on Friday as Wall Street analysts raised concerns about how soon the chipmaker can close the gap with rivals as it spends billions of dollars to i...

Platform Industry: All things crypto platforms and digital currency

How American investors are gobbling up booming bitcoin

Bitcoin has grabbed headlines this week with its dizzying ascent to an all-time high. Yet, under the radar, a tendency was playing that could alter the surface of the cryptocurrenc...

Platform Industry: Bitcoin and digital currencies

Will Bitcoin hit $100,000 in 2021? Outrageous, or a no-brainer

Bitcoin investors, which include top hedge funds and money managers, are gambling the digital money could more than quintuple to as large as $100,000 in a year.

Platform News: Amazon Coronavirus response

Can investors look past Amazon’s pandemic e-commerce costs?

Investors’ penchant for prioritising growth over profit at will be put to the test today, when investors absorb the impact of second-quarter pandemic-related costs...

Line SoftBank

SoftBank’s Yahoo Japan confirms merger talks with Line, shares jump

TOKYO – SoftBank’s Yahoo Japan, one of Japan’s top internet firms, confirmed it is in talks to merge with Line Corp, a $27 billion union that would bring the mess...