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Facebook blocks group critical of Thai monarchy amid pressure

Facebook blocked access within Thailand to a group with one million members that has criticised the country’s king, but said it was likely a legal challenge to the government...

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Google stops responding to data requests from Hong Kong

The US search engine giant hadn’t produced any data since the sweeping new law occurred in June and would not directly respond to these requests, it stated.

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Denmark angry at Google censorship of some Danish content

Denmark, angry at Google’s increasing censorship of some Danish content over a debate over copyright, has stated it was seeking discussions with the Alphabet-owned tech giant...


Aggressive restrictions notably slow COVID-19 in California tech hub

Santa Clara County’s Public Health Officer, Sara Cody has stated that the tech hub hit hard by some of the first US cases of the coronavirus, dramatically slowed the illness ...


UK government outlines a £40 million overhaul to outdated NHS technology platforms

Fresh from winning a landslide majority in the recent UK General Election, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock has stated that it is time to “get the basics right” with r...

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France launches procedure for 5G licenses

PARIS – The French government said on Tuesday it had launched a procedure for assigning 5G frequency licenses after it approved specifications proposed by the communications ...

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Australia tells Facebook and Google to commit to competition rules

The Australia government said on Thursday technology giants such as Facebook Inc and Google will have to agree to new rules to ensure they do not abuse their market power and damag...