Platform News: Facebook

Ireland launches inquiry into Facebook after reports of data leak

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) said it had launched an inquiry into Facebook Inc, after a dataset reported to contain personal data relating to some 533 million F...

Platform News: Facebook and WhatsApp messaging service

German regulator acts to halt ‘illegal’ WhatsApp data collection

Germany’s lead data protection regulator for Facebook said that it was taking action against the social network to prevent the collection of personal data from users of its W...

Platform Industry: Apple logo on a window

Apple gets boost in French privacy fight, but still faces probe

Apple has been given a boost as France’s antitrust watchdog rejected advertisers’ requests to suspend the iPhone maker’s upcoming privacy feature, but it still fa...

Platform News: Facebook usage

Facebook to move its UK users to California terms, avoiding EU privacy rules

Facebook will change all of its users from the United Kingdom into user agreements with the corporate headquarters in California, transferring them from their present relationship ...

Platform News: Software titan Microsoft building

Microsoft aims to help businesses get handle on data with new tool

Microsoft Corp on Thursday announced a new cloud-based tool designed to assist corporate customers understand where information is scattered throughout their operations and if they...

Big Data

EU’s top court rules states must curb mass spying on data

The EU’s top court has ruled that uncontrolled mass surveillance of mobile and internet information is illegal, in a movement that could curb the powers of spying agencies in...

Platform News: Facebook Social Media Buttons

Facebook pushes for data portability legislation

Facebook has pushed for legislation that makes it easier for users to transfer photos and videos to a rival technology platform, in comments it sent to the Federal Trade Commission...

Platform Industry News: Twitter

Twitter privacy ruling delayed after dispute among EU regulators

Twitter had looked set to become the first big platform business to face a fine by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission under tough new EU data protection rules after it subm...

Platform News: Google

Top French court upholds $56 million Google privacy breach fine

France’s top administrative court upheld a 50 million-euro fine (approximately $56 million) imposed last year on Google for breaching European Union online privacy rules.


Facebook German privacy case referred to European Court

The German Federal Court has referred a lawsuit filed by a consumer protection watchdog alleging privacy violations by Facebook to the Court of Justice of the European Union to see...

Platform News: Coronavirus smartphone app in the European Union EU

EU privacy rules no obstacle to coronavirus fight; smartphone tracking a no-no

Europe’s privacy rule book does not create obstacles to taking action to curb the coronavirus epidemic but mass tracking of people’s movements and contacts using smartp...