Platform News: FinTech trading app Robinhood

Robinhood to permanently shift most employees to remote working

Robinhood has said it plans to move a majority of its 3,400 employees to remote work permanently, joining a slew of top tech firms embracing a hybrid culture.

Platform News: Bitcoin and the rise of cryptocurrencies

Macro and technical headwinds accrue for bitcoin

A weak start to 2022 and a host of looming macro and technical headwinds are setting cryptocurrencies up for a rough ride in the weeks to come.

Platform Economy: SEC

Why did the SEC release a report on GameStop?

The The SEC has released a report examining the frenzied trading in shares of retailer GameStop Corp, and other ‘meme’ stocks, in January, and recommended some areas fo...

Platform News: GameStop

US SEC praises equity market structure, absolves short sellers in GameStop report

The US markets functioned well during January’s GameStop volatility, while short selling was not the main cause of the unprecedented rise in the ‘meme stock,’ acc...

Platform News: GameStop

GameStop shares drop as executives mum on turnaround plan details

GameStop Corp, at the center of this year’s “meme stock” trading frenzy, reported a 25% jump in quarterly sales but failed to lay out fresh details about how it p...

Platform News: GameStop

Meme stocks soar in late day trading surge, short sellers knocked

Shares of several retail trading darlings, including AMC Entertainment and GameStop, surged in heavy volume yesterday, on no apparent news, dealing over $1 billion in losses to sho...

Platform News: Reddit social network and discussion boards

Reddit valued at $10 billion in new funding round

Reddit will raise up to $700 million in a fundraising round led by Fidelity Management, the social media network has said, cashing in on a jump in its influence in the financial wo...

Robinhood Markets on Wall Street

Robinhood shares dive; filing sparks worries early investors could sell

Shares of Robinhood Markets Inc have tumbled, snapping a four-day winning streak, after the newly public online brokerage said early investors may sell nearly 98 million shares.

Platform News: FinTech trading app Robinhood

Robinhood, gateway to ‘meme’ stocks, raises $2.1 billion in IPO

Robinhood Markets Inc, the owner of the trading app which emerged as the go-to destination for retail investors speculating on this year’s “meme’ stock trading fr...

Platform News: GameStop

GameStop lures Amazon talent with grand plans and no frills

GameStop’s Chairman Ryan Cohen made a point of doing away with corporate excess such as a company plane and used the allure of rebuilding the videogame retailer to recruit Am...

Platform News: GameStop

GameStop jumps more than 16% as ‘meme’ stocks roar higher

Shares of GameStop soared 16.3% on Tuesday after hitting their highest level since late March, and other so-called “meme” stocks also rallied as investors shifted back ...

Platform News: FinTech trading app Robinhood

Buffett and Munger criticise Robinhood for casino-like atmosphere

Warren Buffett on Saturday likened the millions of inexperienced day traders who entered the stock market in the past year to gamblers, and said commission-free brokerages such as ...

Platform News: Reddit is a mainstay of group-based social media

Reddit recovers from outage amid heavy trading in GameStop

Reddit recovered from an hour-long outage that affected thousands of users on Wednesday afternoon as volatility returned to stocks that were previously at the center of a slugfest ...

Platform News: GameStop

GameStop frenzy sparks fresh investment in stock-trading apps

The recent trading frenzy centred on GameStop and other “meme” stocks is sparking a wave of investor interest in start-ups aiming to mimic the success of Robinhood, whose no-fee br...

Platform News: GameStop

YouTube streamer to testify on GameStop alongside hedge fund managers

The YouTube streamer known online as ‘Roaring Kitty’, who helped drive a surge of interest in GameStop, will testify before a US House panel on Thursday alongside top h...

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