Platform Industry News: Huawei Technologies CFO

Huawei lawyers ask Canadian police why no ‘alarm bells’ rang during CFO’s arrest

Huawei Technologies attorneys resumed witness testimony in a Vancouver court, asking why facets of CFO Meng Wanzhou’s arrest failed to set off “alarm bells” to th...

Platform News: Facebook on a smartphone

Facebook removes hundreds of QAnon conspiracy groups

Facebook has said it had removed nearly 800 QAnon conspiracy groups for articles celebrating violence, showing intent to use weapons, or bringing followers with patterns of violent...

Platform News: State backed hackers, cyber crime and cyber security

NSA and FBI expose Russian intelligence tools

In a rare public report, the National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States have exposed a sophisticated Russian hacking too. The report offers f...

Platform News: Twitter and tweets

Twitter says attackers downloaded data from up to 8 non-verified accounts

Twitter has said that hackers were able to download account information for up to eight accounts involved in the hack of its systems this week, but said none of them were verified ...


Facebook removes hundreds more accounts as right-wing violence spreads

Facebook has removed almost 900 accounts associated with the far-right Proud Boys and American Guard, including those belonging to Proud Boys supporters who marched into a protest ...

FBI Wray

FBI head helped Facebook defend encryption he’s now fighting

Prior to becoming FBI director, Christopher Wray argued on behalf of Facebook in defense of encrypted communications as the company was being pressured by the US Justice Department...

Platform Industry: Zoom meetings

Two US state Attorney Generals seek info on Zoom’s privacy practices

At least two American state attorneys have sought information from Zoom Video Communications following multiple reports that questioned the privacy and security of the video-confer...


FBI says Russian FaceApp is ‘potential counterintelligence threat’

SAN FRANCISCO – The Federal Bureau of Investigation considers any mobile app developed in Russia to be a “potential counterintelligence threat,” it said on Monday...

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