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Twitch seeks to ban creators that share ‘misinformation’ on the Internet

The move by Amazon.com-owned video streamer Twitch comes as other platform players are also seeking to crackdown on the spread of propaganda and fake news from Russian media outlet...

Platform News: Twitter App

Twitter expands feature allowing users to flag misleading tweets

Twitter Inc has said it will expand a feature it has been testing which allows users to flag misleading content on its social media platform to Brazil, Spain and the Philippines.

Platform News: Facebook

Facebook’s struggle with Gateway Pundit highlights key challenge

For years, Facebook has imposed sanctions on controversial Conservative news outlet Gateway Pundit’s account to limit the spread of what its critics describe as misinformation.

Joe Biden

Biden softens tone on Facebook, urges action on vaccine misinformation

Joe Biden took a softer tone when talking about Facebook Inc, after saying last week that the social media company was “killing people” by allowing the spread of misinf...

Platform Industry: President Trump, Social Media, Section 230 and Fake News

Supreme Court brings end to Trump Twitter fight

The US Supreme Court brought an end to a legal fight over former President Trump’s effort to block critics from following his now-frozen Twitter account, deciding the dispute...

Platform News: Facebook the smartphone app in-front of monitors

Facebook denies fuelling polarization, launches tools to control feed

Facebook will let its users customize their content feed and give them control over who can comment on their public posts, the social media giant has said.

Platform Industry News: Facebook India

Facebook to curb hate speech as Indian states go to polls

Facebook Inc said it was taking steps to combat hate speech and misinformation in India as the world’s biggest democracy started its months-long multi-phase elections in four...

Platform News: Facebook

Venezuela calls Facebook suspension of Maduro ‘digital totalitarianism’

Venezuela’s government has accused Facebook Inc of “digital totalitarianism” after it froze President Nicolas Maduro’s page for 30 days for violating its po...

Platform News: Facebook on a smartphone

Facebook to label all posts about COVID-19 vaccines

Facebook, which has been criticized by lawmakers and researchers for allowing vaccine misinformation to spread on its platforms has said it has started adding labels to posts that ...

European Union

European Union: Germany is main target of Russian disinformation

Germany is the top target of Russian disinformation campaigns in the EU, a report said, as ties between Moscow and the West hit new lows over the poisoning and jailing of Kremlin c...

Platform News: Tech Titans including Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple

Big Tech’s Democratic critics discuss ways to strike back with White House

Congressional Democrats have begun discussions with the Biden regime on ways to crack down on Big Tech. These include making social media companies accountable for the spread of di...

Platform Economy: Parler App

John Matze says he was fired by the Parler board

The board of Parler, a controversial social media platform backed by GOP party donor Rebekah Mercer and favoured by many libertarians and conservatives in the US, has fired John Ma...

Platform News: Facebook

Facebook oversight board overrules company on most cases in first test

Deciding its first-ever cases, Facebook’s supervision board has ruled that the societal networking firm was wrong to remove four pieces of articles the board reviewed, includ...

Platform News: President Donald J Trump

President Trump claims Big Tech is dividing the country

President Donald J Trump blamed Big Tech companies on Tuesday for dividing the Nation days Following Twitter and Facebook Prohibited him in their platforms for allegedly encouragin...


Facebook removed a record number of disinformation campaigns in December

Facebook identified and suspended a total of 17 disinformation networks on its platforms in the last month of 2020, representing its biggest monthly takedown ever, the US social me...