Platform Industry: Huawei, 5G infrastructure and the EU

United States urges the EU to use 5G by Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung

LISBON – European Union countries have no reason to use 5G mobile technology from Huawei because Sweden’s Ericsson, Finland’s Nokia and South Korea’s Samsun...

Platform Industry: iPhone unboxed at home

Apple hits back at the European Union over universal charger proposal

Apple has hit back against European Union lawmakers renewed call for a common smartphone charger, warning the move could hamper innovation across the industry.

Hotel and Motel

Russia’s FAS launches investigation into

Russia’s Federal Anti-monopoly Service has opened an investigation into the popular hotel reservation website, the regulator said on the 30th December.


Airbnb wins fight to remain exempt from European property rules

LUXEMBOURG – US home-sharing site Airbnb on Thursday won its battle to remain exempt from onerous European property regulations, as the EU’s top court ruled it was an o...


EU court to rule to rule on how to classify Airbnb

BRUSSELS – Is it an online booking service? Or a real estate agent? The popular US home-sharing site Airbnb will on the 19th December know how it should be labelled when Euro...

Facebook App

Facebook, privacy activist Schrems battle nears an end

It has taken some seven years, but the battle between the Austrian privacy activist and Facebook seems to be nearing an end, when on the 17th of this month an adviser to EuropeR...

European Parliament

EU regulators to review rules defining companies’ market power

European Union regulators will review two-decade old rules that determine if companies have the market power to throttle rivals or control prices to take into account globalisation...


European Union agrees tough line on digital currencies

BRUSSELS – Private digital currencies like Facebook’s Libra should not be allowed in the European Union until the risks they could pose are clearly addressed, EU financ...

Platform News: Google movements

EU regulators said to be investigating Google (again)

Over the past decade the EU has been heavily invested in litigation against big tech. Notable personnel within the current and past US administrations have seen this as an unoffici...

5G networks

Merkel wants Europe to aim for joint stance on China and 5G

BERLIN – Long-time German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on European countries on Wednesday to agree a common approach towards China and the roll-out of the next generation ...

Platform News: Facebook and WhatsApp messaging service

EU countries fail to agree on privacy rules governing WhatsApp, Skype

BRUSSELS – EU efforts to create a level playing field between telecoms operators and Facebook’s WhatsApp and Microsoft unit Skype stalled on Friday after member countri...


Microsoft updates terms on data privacy amid EU probe

BRUSSELS – Microsoft said on Monday it was updating the privacy provisions of its commercial cloud contracts after European regulators found its deals with European Union ins...