Brexit Britain to offer fast-track visas to bolster FinTechs

The UK government has said it would offer a fast-track visa scheme for jobs at high-growth companies after a government-backed review warned that financial technology firms will st...

Platform News: Social media Twitter button

Twitter removes accounts it says are linked to Russia, Armenia and Iran

Twitter has stated that it has taken down some 373 accounts which it said had ties to Armenia, Russia and Iranian governments and had breached its platform manipulation policies.

Platform Industry: Microsoft operating system users

Microsoft teams up with EU publishers amid Facebook’s Australian spat

Microsoft and European media groups have urged EU regulators to require online platforms to seek arbitration in disagreements over how to share revenues with news publishers, a sti...

Platform News: Epic Games, the maker of the Fortnite game

Epic Games takes Apple fight to European Union antitrust regulators

Epic Games has taken its fight against Apple to European Union antitrust regulators after failing to make significant headway in a US court in a dispute over the Apple’s paym...

Platform News: Google search engine

Google’s $76 million deal with French publishers infuriates outlets

Google has agreed to pay $76 million over three years to a group of 121 French news publishers to end a more than year-long copyright spat, documents seen by Reuters show.

European Commission

EU versus ‘Big Tech’ hearing pushed back by two months

EU lawmakers, who are gearing up to curb the power of US tech giants, have told Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google that they are willing to push back a proposed the 1st of February...


‘Greenwashing’ is rampant in online stores, consumer authorities find

Many of the “green” claims on companies’ websites are exaggerated, false and potentially illegal, according to a study of online shops and traders by the European...

Platform News: Tech Titans including Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple

European Union tells ‘Big Tech’ to extend fake news watch

The European Commission has advised Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft to keep yearly reports on their efforts to handle fake news, particularly on coronavirus, for the next s...

Virtual Reality

German cartel office extends probe of ties between Facebook and Oculus

Germany’s antitrust regulator said on Thursday that it was expanding the scope of its abuse proceedings against Facebook related to the links between its Oculus virtual reali...

Platform News: Tech Titans including Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple

EU wants Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google CEOs at February hearing

EU lawmakers have invited the CEO’s of, Apple, Facebook and Alphabet into a 1st of February hearing in Brussels as they attempt to crack down on the forces of US t...

Platform News: Facebook usage

Facebook to move its UK users to California terms, avoiding EU privacy rules

Facebook will change all of its users from the United Kingdom into user agreements with the corporate headquarters in California, transferring them from their present relationship ...

Platform News: Tech Titans including Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple

EU moves to rein in tech giants with threat of fines and break-up

US tech businesses including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google face penalties of up to 10% of the annual turnover and might even be forced to divide beneath draft European Union ...

Platform Industry: Facebook Twitter

Facebook and Twitter face UK fines if fail on harmful content

Facebook, Twitter and TikTok face fines of around 10% of earnings if they fail to remove and limit the spread of illegal material under legislation proposed by the UK on Tuesday.

European Union

Big tech platforms face 6% fines if they breach new EU content rules

Significant platform businesses like Google and Facebook will face fines of up to 6% of turnover if they don’t do more to tackle illegal material and reveal more about advert...