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Facebook’s struggle with Gateway Pundit highlights key challenge

For years, Facebook has imposed sanctions on controversial Conservative news outlet Gateway Pundit’s account to limit the spread of what its critics describe as misinformation.

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YouTube to remove new videos that falsely claim fraud changed US election outcome

YouTube has said it would begin removing content that falsely allege widespread fraud changed the outcome of the US presidential election, at an alteration to its hands-off stance ...

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Facebook will ban ads discouraging people from getting vaccines

Facebook will begin banning ads that explicitly dissuade people from getting vaccinated, the social media titan has stated, as it also announced a new flu vaccine information effor...

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Twitter removes 130 accounts during Trump-Biden presidential debate

Twitter has said it had removed 130 accounts, as they were trying to disrupt the public conversation during the first US presidential debate between President Trump and his Democra...

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China’s TikTok launches US elections guide to combat misinformation

TikTok is launching an elections direct in the video-sharing app to provide users information about the November the 3rd US elections to help safeguard against misinformation, the ...

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Facebook weighs ‘kill switch’ for political ads after the November election

Facebook is considering halting political advertisements after US Election Day to curtail post-election misinformation, a source who has had discussions with the social media giant...

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Facebook removes hundreds of QAnon conspiracy groups

Facebook has said it had removed nearly 800 QAnon conspiracy groups for articles celebrating violence, showing intent to use weapons, or bringing followers with patterns of violent...

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Facebook mulls ban on political advertising ahead of November elections

Stung by recent feedback and boycott campaigns by activists, Facebook is considering imposing a ban on political ads on its social network in the days leading up to the November el...