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US bill would stop Big Tech favouring its own products

About a dozen US senators from both parties formally introduced a bill that would bar Big Tech platforms, like Amazon and Google, from favouring their products and services.

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Google loosens its search engine grip on Android devices in Europe

Google has bowed to pressure from rivals and will let them compete for free to be the default search engines on Android devices in Europe, widening a pledge to EU antitrust regulat...

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Comment: Why Australia is right to challenge Google and Facebook

It has been a pleasant surprise to see the Australian government holding its ground against Google, Facebook and the tech Oligarchs attempting to exert near total control over comm...

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Bing, along with smaller firms, win Google’s Android search auction in Europe

Microsoft’s Bing, PrivacyWall and were among the search engines which won a penny auction by Alphabet’s Google to show up as search choices on new Android appa...