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China’s Didi improves pay transparency for drivers

Didi Global Inc has said it will provide its drivers in several Chinese cities with more details on the fees they receive, the first big move by the ride-hailing giant after state ...

Platform News: US ride-hailing services Lyft and Uber

Uber and Lyft take different spending routes in race to add drivers

A return to business as usual for Uber Technologies Inc and its rival Lyft Inc has thrown up a new challenge to the ride-hailing firms looking for profitability – spend more ...

Platform News: US ride-hailing services Lyft and Uber

Uber and Lyft tout US ride-hail driver pay, incentives amid growing demand

Uber and Lyft said US drivers on their ride-hail platforms were earning significantly more than before the pandemic as trip demand outstrips driver supply, prompting the companies ...

Platform Industry News: Ride-sharing driver

Uber asks US states to prioritize its drivers for COVID-19 vaccine

Uber has sent letters to the governors of all US states, asking for the ride-hail and food delivery drivers to find early access to COVID-19 vaccines as essential employees.

Platform News: US ride-hailing services Lyft and Uber

California likely to pass proposition to treat Uber drivers as contractors

Voters in California backed a ballot proposal by Uber and its allies who cements app-based food delivery and ride-hail motorists’ status as independent contractors, not emplo...

Platform News: Ride-hailing app Uber Technologies

Court rules that California Uber drivers could not establish ‘political coercion’

A California court has denied an application for a temporary restraining order by the nation’s Uber drivers, saying the drivers could not set the alleged “political coe...

Platform News: Lyft ride-hailing app is part of the sharing economy

Lyft to provide drivers with partition shields as COVID-19 protection

Lyft said it would distribute some 60,000 vehicle partition shields to its most-active drivers as a protection against the coronavirus and begin selling the custom-made protective ...

Platform Industry News: Ride-sharing driver

California regulator says Uber and Lyft drivers are employees

Drivers working for ride-hailing services such as Uber Technologies and Lyft will be considered employees under California’s new gig worker law, the state’s leading ind...

Platform Industry News: Ride-sharing driver

Uber may suspend accounts of riders, drivers who test positive for coronavirus

Uber has said it may temporarily suspend the accounts of both riders and drivers who have tested positive for the coronavirus, or been exposed to it at the direction of health auth...