Facebook removed a record number of disinformation campaigns in December

Facebook identified and suspended a total of 17 disinformation networks on its platforms in the last month of 2020, representing its biggest monthly takedown ever, the US social me...


Researchers suggest misinformation that led to the Capitol siege is ‘radicalization’

Digital misinformation that resulted in violent unrest at the Capitol last week has gone past false claims and has reached the stage of “radicalization,” investigators ...

Deep Fakes and misinformation

Deep fake used to attack activist couple highlights the new disinformation frontier

Oliver Taylor, a student at England’s University of Birmingham, is a twenty-something with brown eyes, light stubble, and a slightly stiff smile.


Facebook says it dismantles disinformation network tied to Iran

Iran’s state broadcaster has used hundreds of fake social media accounts to covertly spread pro-Iranian messaging online since at least 2011, targeting voters in countries in...