Platform News: Clubhouse audio and social media app

Oman blocks Clubhouse citing lack of permit

Oman has blocked US-based audio app Clubhouse because it did not have the right permit, authorities said, but some activists described the move as a further erosion of freedom of e...

Platform Industry News: President Donald J Trump

Parler’s website is back online, but the app still not in stores

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of the wildly popular social media platform Parler, which is popular with free speech advocates is back online in a strictly limited way. Th...

Platform News: President Trump speaking at the White House

How will Trump get his message out without social media?

The decision by tech oligarch’s to clamp down President Trump’s capacity to talk to followers through mainstream social media may require him to tap more conventional m...

Platform News: Apple logo

Apple removes 39,000 game apps from China store to meet deadline

Apple removed 39,000 game apps on its China store Thursday, the biggest removal ever in a single day, as it set year-end as deadline for all game publishers to obtain a licence.

Erdogan Turkey

Turkish social networking bill presages ‘new dark era’ of censorship

The proposed legislation that the Turkey government says will make social networking companies more accountable to local regulations will instead increase censorship and accelerate...