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How ‘Big Tech’ gain and maintain market dominance

Democrats from a US House of Representatives subcommittee issued a report detailing strategies it said four of the largest platform businesses used to gain dominant placement in on...

Platform News: Google

Under pressure Google starts to play nice with its smaller rivals

Small rivals of Google say they are seeing signs of more benevolent behaviour from the internet advertising leader amid accusations by the US government that the company uses its d...

Platform News: President Joe Biden talking about technology on the campaign trail

Amazon and Big Tech cozy up to Joe Biden

Having a framed Joe Biden poster in the background, Amazon’s Jay Carney made no secret of his long history with the presidential candidate when speaking at a digital policy r...

Platform Economy: Quantum Computing at the heart of innovation

US to spend $625 million in five quantum research hubs

The US Department of Energy has said that it will provide $625 million over the next five years for five recently formed quantum information research hubs as it tries to keep ahead...

Platform News: Tech Titans including Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple

US lawmakers accuse Big Tech of crushing rivals to boost profits

Google and Facebook took the sharpest jabs from politicians at a much-anticipated congressional hearing that put four of America’s most notable tech Chief Executives in the p...

Congress Hearings Big Tech

At big tech hearing, the non-denials speak louder than words

At Wednesday’s hotly anticipated congressional hearing on ‘Big Tech’ Chief Executives, much of what they said was utterly predictable, namely we’re not that...

Platform News: Tech Titans including Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple

US House panel reschedules its ‘Big Tech’ CEO hearing for Wednesday

A congressional hearing on digital marketplace competition featuring the Chief Executive Officers of the biggest American technology companies has been rescheduled for Wednesday, a...

Platform News: Tech Titans including Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple

EU throws new rule book at tech giants in competition search

Frustrated by its continuing failure to loosen Google’s grip on search, despite more than $8 billion in fines, the European Union is lining up new rules to level the playing ...

Platform News: Social Media Giants, including Facebook, Google and Twitter

Trump administration proposes rolling back protections for big tech

The US Justice Department has proposed that Congress take up legislation to curb protections big tech platforms like Google and Facebook have enjoyed for decades, following through...

Platform News: Google

Google exploring using location data to slow the spread of coronavirus

Google is exploring ways to use location information to slow the spread of the coronavirus by, for example, determining the effectiveness of social distancing. 

Big Tech

Big Tech faces growing number of US probes

Reuters – Big tech companies such as Facebook Inc, Alphabet Inc’s Google, Apple Inc and Inc face a slew of US antitrust probes by the federal government, sta...

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