Platform News: Twitter and tweets

Regulator says Twitter’s security fell short before hack targeting celebrities

Twitter Inc endured from cybersecurity shortfalls that allowed a “simple” hack credited to a Florida teenager to shoot over the accounts of many of the world’s mo...

Platform News: Twitter bias in US Politics

Twitter imposes restrictions and more warning labels ahead of US election

Twitter Inc said on Friday it’ll remove tweets calling for people to interfere with the US presidential election or implementation of election results, such as through violen...

Platform News: Tech Titans including Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple

Congressional report suggests big trouble for Big Tech if Biden wins White House

A scathing report detailing abuses of market power by four leading platform businesses suggests a tough road ahead of new rules and more rigorous enforcement for ‘Big Tech...

Platform News: President Joe Biden talking about technology on the campaign trail

Amazon and Big Tech cozy up to Joe Biden

Having a framed Joe Biden poster in the background, Amazon’s Jay Carney made no secret of his long history with the presidential candidate when speaking at a digital policy r...

Platform Industry News: Twitter

Twitter removes 130 accounts during Trump-Biden presidential debate

Twitter has said it had removed 130 accounts, as they were trying to disrupt the public conversation during the first US presidential debate between President Trump and his Democra...

Mail-in Ballots US Election

Election officials in the US turn to signature-verifying software

After election officials in at least 29 US counties face an expected avalanche of mail-in ballots for the contentious 3rd of November presidential election due to this COVID-19 pan...

Platform News: Facebook on a smartphone

Facebook to reject political ads prematurely claiming victory in US election

Facebook will not accept political ads that want to claim victory before the outcomes of the November election have been declared, a company spokesman has tweeted.

Platform news: TikTok app based in China, US politics

TikTok faces another test: its first US presidential election

TikTok, already under scrutiny over its Chinese ownership and threatened with a possible ban by US President Trump, is confronting another major obstacle: how to handle content aro...

Platform News: President Joe Biden talking about technology on the campaign trail

Twitter labels video of Biden shared by Trump as ‘manipulated media’

Twitter has again labelled a tweet shared by US President Donald J Trump as manipulated media. This time the tweet related to presidential rival Joe Biden.

Platform News: Twitter bias in US Politics

Twitter expands misinformation rules ahead of US election

Twitter has said it would tag or eliminate misinformation aiming to undermine confidence in the coming US election, such as articles promising success before results have been lice...

Platform News: President Donald J Trump

Microsoft: Foreign hackers are targeting Biden and Trump camps

Microsoft has said that hackers connected to Russia, China, and Iran are trying to spy on people tied to US President Donald J Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

Platform News: President Joe Biden talking about technology on the campaign trail

Microsoft believes Russian hackers ‘Fancy Bear’ targeted Biden campaign

Microsoft identified a suspected hacking group that targeted a company working with Democrat Joe Biden as the exact same Russian-backed unit blamed by the US government for breakin...

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook to limit last-minute political ads in final US election push

Facebook has said it would stop accepting new political advertisements in the week prior to the US elections on the 3rd of November, in a series of moves that the company charged a...

Facebook App

Facebook says Russian influence campaign targeted left-wing voters

A Russian influence operation introduced as an independent news outlet to goal left wing voters from the United States and Britain, including by recruitment freelance journalists t...