Platform Economy: Parler App

John Matze says he was fired by the Parler board

The board of Parler, a controversial social media platform backed by GOP party donor Rebekah Mercer and favoured by many libertarians and conservatives in the US, has fired John Ma...

Platform News: Wikipedia website

Wikipedia launches new rules to combat abuses on the platform

Wikipedia is in the process of launching its first global code of conduct, seeking to address the criticism it has received over allegedly failing to combat harassment and suffers ...

Platform News: Search engine Google's New York office

Google to spend $3.8 million to settle accusations of bias

Google will spend $3.8 million to settle allegations that it underpaid women and unfairly passed over women and Asians for open roles within the organisation, the US Department of ...

Platform Industry News: Twitter

Twitter blocks dozens of accounts on India’s demand amid farm protests

Twitter has just blocked dozens of Indian accounts, including that of a leading current affairs magazine, on a demand from the government citing grounds that users were posting con...

Platform News: Facebook

Facebook oversight board overrules company on most cases in first test

Deciding its first-ever cases, Facebook’s supervision board has ruled that the societal networking firm was wrong to remove four pieces of articles the board reviewed, includ...

Platform News: Twitter bias in US Politics

Twitter users fact check misinformation in new trial program

Twitter Inc has said that it is establishing a pilot program that has users flag tweets they think are deceptive and write notes to give context.

Platform Industry News: President Donald J Trump

Parler’s website is back online, but the app still not in stores

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of the wildly popular social media platform Parler, which is popular with free speech advocates is back online in a strictly limited way. Th...

Platform News: Google movements

Google to pause US political ads ahead of presidential inauguration

Google will stop selling political ads referencing US elections over its various platforms until at least the 21st of January, following last week’s violence at the Capitol, ...

Platform News: Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey

Suspension of President Trump may test Twitter CEO’s truce with key investors

Twitter’s decision to suspend President Trump’s account on the platform will potentially reignite an issue involving CEO Jack Dorsey and leading shareholders of the con...

Platform News: Facebook meeting

Sandberg suggests Facebook has no plans to lift Trump ban

Facebook Inc’s COO Sheryl Sandberg has said the world’s largest social media business needed no plans to raise its own block on the balances of US President Trump, sinc...

Platform News: President Trump speaking at the White House

How will Trump get his message out without social media?

The decision by tech oligarch’s to clamp down President Trump’s capacity to talk to followers through mainstream social media may require him to tap more conventional m...

Platform Industry: President Trump, Social Media, Section 230 and Fake News

President Trump returns to Twitter as Facebook bans him for ‘fanning the flames’

President Trump has returned to Twitter with a video acknowledging that Joe Biden would be the next US president as other platforms including Facebook blocked his accounts over con...

Platform News: fake news, political bias, section 230 and misinformation on social media

Twitter and Facebook freeze Trump accounts as platforms respond to storming of US capitol

Twitter and Facebook temporarily locked the accounts of US President Donald Trump, since technology giants scrambled to crack down on his baseless claims about the US presidential ...

Platform News: YouTube video streaming on a desktop computer

UK broadcaster talkRADIO reinstated on YouTube

UK radio station talkRADIO on Tuesday said that YouTube had reinstated its channel from the video-sharing platform after a review.