Platform News: YouTube video streaming on a desktop computer

Sky News Australia says suspended from YouTube for one week

Sky News Australia has said it has been temporarily suspended by the video-sharing site YouTube following the platform’s review of content for compliance with its COVID-19 po...

Joe Biden

Biden softens tone on Facebook, urges action on vaccine misinformation

Joe Biden took a softer tone when talking about Facebook Inc, after saying last week that the social media company was “killing people” by allowing the spread of misinf...

Platform Industry: President Donald Trump comments

Trump sues Facebook, Twitter and Google, claiming censorship

Former US President Donald Trump filed lawsuits against Twitter Inc, Facebook, and Google, as well as their chief executives, alleging they unlawfully silence conservative viewpoin...

Platform News: Twitter App

Twitter loses immunity over user-generated content in India

Twitter Inc no longer enjoys liability protection against user-generated content in India as the stumbling US social network has failed to comply with new IT rules, the Indian gove...

Platform News: Facebook

Facebook asks: Are your friends becoming extremists?

Facebook Inc is starting to warn some users they might have seen “extremist content” on the social media site, the company has said.

Platform Industry: President Donald Trump comments

Former Trump aide Jason Miller launches social media site GETTR

Former U.S. President Donald Trump’s former senior advisor Jason Miller has started a social media site called GETTR, he said on Thursday.

Facebook and Google versus Australia

ACCC may authorise media group talks with Google and Facebook

Australia’s competition watchdog has said it issued draft proposals to authorise regional newspaper industry group, Country Press Australia, to negotiate with Google and Face...

Platform Industry News: President Donald J Trump

President Trump joins video platform Rumble ahead of Ohio rally

Former US President Donald Trump joined video platform Rumble on Saturday, the same day he will take the stage at a campaign-style rally in Ohio, his first such event since the con...

Grey Data - Poll Results

Poll: Big Tech should NOT receive legal protections under Section 230

Over the course of the last few months, we have been running two distinct polls asking questions about the current legal protections offered to ‘Big Tech’ and platform ...

Platform News: Social media Twitter button

Nigerian telecoms firms suspend access to Twitter

Nigerian telecoms firms blocked access to Twitter following a regulatory directive aimed at suspending the US social media giant indefinitely, a move criticised by rights campaigne...

Platform News: Twitter App

Indian police visit Twitter office to serve notice about inquiry

Indian police have said they visited a Twitter office to serve notice to its country managing director about an investigation into the social media giant’s tagging of a post ...

Platform Industry: Sleepy Joe Biden talking to a small room of activists

Returning the favour? Biden revokes Trump’s social media order

US President Biden has officially revoked an executive order by President Donald Trump that had directed regulators to limit liability protections for social media businesses.

Platform News: Twitter bias in US Politics

Activism: Twitter shuts down accounts for attempting to evade Trump ban

Twitter Inc suspended several accounts this week that were set up to share statements from a new part of President Donald Trump’s website, saying they broke its rules against...

Platform News: Facebook on a smartphone

Facebook confronts human rights dilemma on political speech

The Facebook oversight board’s extension of President Donald Trump’s banishment from the social network failed to settle how it will balance political leaders’ fr...

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