Platform Industry: President Trump, Social Media, Section 230 and Fake News

Is President Trump planning to build his own social media platform?

Former US President Donald Trump, suspended from Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms after the 6th of January riot in Washington DC, plans to launch his own platform...

Platform Economy: Parler App

Parler sues Amazon again, alleging effort to ‘destroy’ app

Parler, a wildly social media app, filed a new lawsuit accusing of trying to destroy its business following the January 6th storming of the US Capitol building by suppor...

Platform News: Twitter App

Russia accuses Twitter of breaking law by failing to delete content

Russia’s communications regulator has accused Twitter of violating Russian law, saying the social media platform had not complied with some of its requests to delete banned c...

Platform News: Twitter App

Twitter aims to double revenue by 2023, teases new ‘super follow’ feature

Twitter will launch new features and products faster to refresh its business after years of stagnation, the company has said, aiming to double its annual revenue in 2023.

Platform Industry: Modi PM of India

Indian government plans new social media controls

Following its ongoing disputes with social media platforms including Twitter, India plans to oblige social media companies to erase contentious content fast and assist investigatio...

Platform News: Facebook

Facebook ‘unfriends’ Australia: uproar as news pages go dark

Facebook is facing significant backlash from publishers and politicians after blocking news feeds in Australia in a surprise escalation of a dispute with the government over a law ...

Platform News: Tech Titans including Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple

Big Tech’s Democratic critics discuss ways to strike back with White House

Congressional Democrats have begun discussions with the Biden regime on ways to crack down on Big Tech. These include making social media companies accountable for the spread of di...

Platform Industry: Facebook Twitter

Does Mexico’s social media plan violate North America trade deal?

A Latin American industry group that includes Facebook and Twitter said a reform in Mexico would violate an international trade pact, in swift backlash to a draft bill that seeks t...

Platform News: Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey

Twitter’s India snub sparks debate on ‘Big Tech’ compliance and free speech

Twitter’s refusal to comply with an Indian government directive to block more than 250 accounts and posts has put the controversial social media company at the centre of a fi...

Platform Economy: Parler App

John Matze says he was fired by the Parler board

The board of Parler, a controversial social media platform backed by GOP party donor Rebekah Mercer and favoured by many libertarians and conservatives in the US, has fired John Ma...

Platform News: Wikipedia website

Wikipedia launches new rules to combat abuses on the platform

Wikipedia is in the process of launching its first global code of conduct, seeking to address the criticism it has received over allegedly failing to combat harassment and suffers ...

Platform News: Search engine Google's New York office

Google to spend $3.8 million to settle accusations of bias

Google will spend $3.8 million to settle allegations that it underpaid women and unfairly passed over women and Asians for open roles within the organisation, the US Department of ...

Platform Industry News: Twitter

Twitter blocks dozens of accounts on India’s demand amid farm protests

Twitter has just blocked dozens of Indian accounts, including that of a leading current affairs magazine, on a demand from the government citing grounds that users were posting con...

Platform News: Facebook

Facebook oversight board overrules company on most cases in first test

Deciding its first-ever cases, Facebook’s supervision board has ruled that the societal networking firm was wrong to remove four pieces of articles the board reviewed, includ...

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