Efficiently automating a business

High levels of automation are becoming the norm for business across the economy. From the global industry giants to mom and pop businesses, there is a focus on streamlining efforts...

Construction industry

Technological innovation and change in the construction industry

Over the past few years, there have been a number of significant new trends in the construction industry. New platforms and software solutions, often from startups in the form of A...

AI Coronavirus

Companies bet on AI cameras to track social distancing and limit liability

Stores and workplaces eager to avoid spreading COVID-19 are equipping existing security cameras with artificial intelligence software that can track compliance with health guidelin...

Platform News: Social Media Giants, including Facebook, Google and Twitter

Social media giants warn of AI moderation errors as coronavirus empties offices

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter warned on Monday that more videos and other content could be erroneously removed for policy violations, as the companies empty offices and rely on aut...

Vatican, Pope, Facial Recognition

Vatican joins IBM, Microsoft to call for regulation regarding facial recognition

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – The Vatican joined forces with tech giants Microsoft and IBM on Friday to promote the ethical development of artificial intelligence (AI) and call fo...

Platform News: Facebook Social Media Buttons

Facebook is changing its deepfake policy

Facebook Inc has said it will remove deepfakes and other manipulated videos from its platforms if they have been edited. However, the Menlo Park, California-based social media gian...

Platform News: Intel logo on a retail window in the US

Intel buys AI startup Habana Labs for $2 billion

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Intel Corp has bought the Israeli artificial intelligence business Habana Labs for about $2 billion, the chip-maker has said, as it seeks to expand its ...

Platform News: Taiwan

AI specialist Appier has raised $80 million

Interested to learn that the articifical intelligence start-up Appier has raised $80 million in its Series D round of funding. The latest in a line of investors include TGVest Capi...

SalesForce CRM

Salesforce to use Amazon AI technology to improve call center services

Reuters – Business software provider Inc said on Tuesday it would use artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Inc’s cloud computing unit ...

Megvii IPO

China’s Megvii seeks approval for Hong Kong IPO despite U.S. blacklist – sources

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Chinese artificial intelligence firm Megvii Technology Ltd plans to seek listing approval on Thursday for a Hong Kong IPO of at least $500 million, peop...

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