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Below is a growing list of spreadsheets, workbooks and Excel models relevant to numerous commercial and operational platform businesses.

From start-up strategy, cash flow and planning, through to marketing, audience and commercial development, our models are free to access for members. What’s more, all our spreadsheets and business models are unlocked, thus making them far easier to utilise and edit to suit your specific requirements.

If you require help in developing a model tailored specifically for your business then we can help.

Please visit our dedicated business modelling services page for further details.

Project Budget Template

A rudimentary and adaptable project budget workbook enabling you to effectively budget for cost and time in projects.

Start-up Costs Calculator Template

A one-sheet Excel boilerplate template outlining both the top-level investment and expenditure. Great for understanding the level of investment needed to start your business.

Rudimentary Audience Development Model

Download a FREE (rudimentary) audience development model for your platform, or website. Model includes all key variables and spends.

Monthly Subscription Model (Basic)

A multi-year template aimed at SaaS and membership platforms utilising a monthly subscription model. The workbook has been created to adapt and include additional subscription levels.

Advertising Sales Model

A multi-year advertising sales model, including multiple ad sales types from Cost Per Mille banner sales, through to telesales-based storefront and/or classified sales.

Alternative Advertising Sales Model

An alternative way of modelling an advertising sales model, including required headcount. This MS Excel template is great for validation of your overall classifieds and/or ad sales business model.

COVID-19 Work from Home Calculator

MS Excel calculator enabling you to calculate hours worked from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Edit the easy to filter Bank Holiday and vacation dates to suit.

Single Copy Content Sales

Whilst built for single-copy report sales, this multi-year MS Excel model includes a number of variables to enable it to be adapted for any kind of content sale.

Content and Functional Matrix for Portals

A one-sheet content matrix designed for a portal-based business where content and/or functionality is vital. This will adapt to suit just about any property.

Simple Taxonomy / Hierarchy

A ridiculously simple MS Excel worksheet outlining a simple 6-level taxonomy. Additionally, it can be useful to map web page hierarchy to this structure.