Research and Analysis

Designed to offer unique insight, our proprietary research and industry analysis offers coverage of the global platform economy, along with the wider macro-economic landscape.

Included in our R&D content set is arguably the largest publicly available academic database of platform-based research papers and journals in the world. The database will launch in February 2020.

In the meantime, the content below has been arranged into two separate silo’s. The first covers platform industry research and analysis; with the second silo offering coverage of wider economic trends and drivers:




China kicks off work on 6G research, state media say

China has officially started researching sixth-generation telecoms technology, state media has reported.

Social media platforms, by audience (US)

Annual research carried out by Pew Research Center determines the most popular social media platforms in the US.

Key Priorities for B2B Content Producers

Producers are continually looking to create increased engagement and value.

Technology Adoption in the US

Tech adoption rates, measured as the percentage of households in the US using a particular technology.

2018/19 Internet Users – Ranked by Country

Comprehensive database of 200+ countries, including total population size, number of Internet users, and global ranking.

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