SWOT’s on Demand


Understand the competitive landscape by commissioning Platform Executive to write a SWOT analysis covering a business of your choice.


Each SWOT report is produced on-demand to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information. The document provides you with an in-depth strategic SWOT analysis of the desired company.

Reasons to Purchase

  • Better understand your competitors
  • Know your niche and position within the sector
  • Spot opportunities and threats
  • Improve strategy
  • Fast turnaround time


What you Receive

As part of this product, you will receive the following within 2 working days:

  • A company profile of the requested company, including description, location and key people
  • Key competitors
  • Full SWOT analysis of the company
  • Additional information


The Process

  • Upon purchase, we will send you an Email requesting the company name and and related URL’s
  • Upon receiving the response we will deliver the completed SWOT report directly to your inbox within 2 working days


The Platform Executive Difference

Unlike the majority of consultancies, we have significant experience in building and nurtured multi-million Dollar platform-based businesses across three continents. Our no nonsense, practical approach is designed to enable tangible value and results for our clients. Our business is helping your business.

Offering guidance and experience on all aspects of founding and building a business, our approach is defined by working collaboratively with entrepreneurs, Board and Executive management.


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