Aimed at founders and start-ups our financial model reviews offer a fixed fee solution for those looking for optimisation and/or a fresh set of eyes on the business.

With decades of Executive-level experience at both start-ups and large multi-Billion Dollar conglomerates, often working on multiple products at once, the team at Platform Executive can review and help optimise your multi-year financial model.


  • Our reviews are always driven by the data
  • An independent review of your existing financial model
  • Includes actionable recommendations to improve potential
  • Helps you better respond to competitive pressures
  • Fixed fee


As part of the financial model review, you will receive the following within 5 working days:

  • A management-style report
  • SWOT-style canvas highlighting strengths and weaknesses of the model
  • Fully costed action plan
  • Assorted notes for consideration
  • A grade (if requested)


Unlike the majority of consultancies, we have significant experience in building and nurtured multi-million Dollar platform-based businesses across three continents. Our no nonsense, practical approach is designed to enable tangible value and results for our clients. Our business is helping your business.

Offering guidance and experience on all aspects of founding and building a business, our approach is defined by working collaboratively with entrepreneurs, Board and Executive management to find the optimal solutions to the key challenges.


  • Upon purchase, we will send you a template non-disclosure agreement for you to complete. If you have have your own, then you can send us that one instead
  • Upon receiving the NDA we will sign and return it to you via Email
  • Upon receiving the financial model we will make initial notes, where applicable and discuss these with you
  • We will then liaise with you via Email to clarify any questions we have regarding detail
  • Finally, we will compile our notes, including optimisations and ideas and deliver them directly to you in a Board-friendly report format


If you require further information on this product, or want to discuss how Platform Executive can help you, then please complete the form below: