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The mass move to work from home in coronavirus crisis creates opening for hackers

As people disperse to their homes to work and study because of the coronavirus pandemic, taking their laptops and company data with them, cyber security experts say hackers will fo...

Platform Industry News: Crypto platforms and cryptocurrencies

Crypto-market infrastructure creaks amid volatility test

As worries over the economic hit from the coronavirus outbreak spread from stocks, oil and bonds to cryptocurrencies late last week, bitcoin crashed to its worst day in seven years...

Platform News: SpaceX's Elon Musk

Tesla’s Elon Musk offers to make ventilators amid shortage

Hundreds of Twitter users have welcomed an offer by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, to make ventilators for coronavirus sufferers, after the United States appealed for donations of r...


Cyberattack hits US health department amid coronavirus outbreak

The US Department of Health and Human Services, a key part of the federal response to the fast-spreading coronavirus outbreak, was hit by an unspecified “cyber incident”...


Pentagon seeks to reconsider parts of $10 billion cloud contract awarded to Microsoft

The US governments Department of Defence is seeking court permission to reconsider certain aspects of its decision to award a $10 billion cloud computing contract to Microsoft, cou...

Platform Industry: Huawei, 5G infrastructure and the EU

Lawmakers in the US seek to curb Huawei’s access to US banks

US lawmakers plan to unveil a bill that could be used to block Huawei from accessing US banks for certain transactions, in a bid to thwart the Chinese telecoms giant amid frustrati...

Platform Industry: All things crypto platforms and digital currency

Bitcoin falls as cryptocurrencies suffer in market volatility

Bitcoin plummeted yesterday, amid turmoil in cryptocurrency markets, with traders citing a sell-off across assets as fears of the economic damage from the coronavirus pandemic take...

Facebook App

Spyware firm NSO seeks court sanctions against Facebook

Israel’s NSO Group is asking a California judge to sanction Facebook Inc for allegedly failing to abide by international law with regards to its lawsuit against the spyware m...

Platform Industry News: Ride-sharing driver

Uber’s challenge to balance driver safety with customer privacy

Margaret Bordelon can still feel the hands of the drunk man who tried to pull her in for a kiss at the end of his Uber ride last September in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

Facial Recognition

Chinese facial recognition business says even mask-wearers can be identified

A company in China says it has developed the country’s first facial recognition technology that can identify people when they are wearing a mask, as most are these days becau...

Platform Industry: Tencent logo at an event

Exclusive: Tencent-backed WeDoctor invites banks to lead $1 billion Hong Kong IPO, sources say

WeDoctor will push ahead with a Hong Kong listing and invite pitches from investments banks next week to lead an IPO valuing the Chinese healthcare platform at up to $10 billion, t...

Platform News: Huawei Technologies

Huawei executive suggests they’ll build a French factory regardless of 5G decision

Huawei will build a factory in France regardless of the government’s decision on whether to use its equipment in a new 5G network, an executive at the Shenzhen-based group sa...

Platform News: Reserve Bank of India RBI

Updated: Supreme Court quashes Reserve Bank of India’s banking ban on cryptocurrency

Interested to learn that the Supreme Court in India has overturned a central bank ban which forbid lenders to facilitate banking transactions for cryptocurrency exchanges and trade...

Platform Industry News: Crypto platforms and cryptocurrencies

US charges two Chinese nationals with helping North Korea steal millions in cryptocurrency

The Justice Department in the United States has charged two Chinese nationals with laundering more than $100 million in cryptocurrency on behalf of North Korea, in court filings th...