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Platform News: Apple logo on a retail store window

Apple launches website to show how coronavirus lockdowns affect movement

Apple has said it would release data that could help inform public health authorities on whether people are driving less during lockdown orders to slow the spread of the new corona...

Platform News: Google search engine

Apple and Google plan software to slow virus, joining global debate on tracking

Apple and Google have announced that they will work together to create contact tracing technology that aims to slow the spread of the coronavirus by allowing users to opt into logg...

Platform News: Google

US approves Google request to use segment of US-Asia undersea cable

The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday approved Google’s request to use part of an US-Asia undersea telecommunications cable after the company warned it would fac...


Singapore lockdown: ‘essential’ chipmakers hope for less supply chain disruption

Chip makers are banking on less disruptions to their factories from this week’s strict lockdown in Singapore than the havoc wreaked on their supply chains last month when Mal...

Platform News: Huawei Technologies

Huawei laments Trump administrations plans to curb its global chip supply

An executive at Huawei Technologies has described as “unfortunate” plans by the US government to reduce the Chinese telecom equipment maker’s access to global chi...

Big Data

EU privacy watchdog calls for a pan-European smartphone app to track coronavirus

The European Data Protection Supervisor (aka EDPS) has called for a pan-European smartphone app to help track the spread of the new coronavirus. This instead of the existing hodge-...

Platform News: Chipmakers Chip Semiconductors from Intel

US chipmaking industry pushes back on proposed export rule changes

Leading industry groups are pushing back on proposed changes to US export controls that would impact the sale of certain semiconductors and other technology to China. 


Sellers on the ‘Darknet’ tout face masks for bitcoin, researchers say

The “Darknet” trading platforms where contraband such as drugs to stolen credit card information usually change hands are offering face masks and other coronavirus-rela...


BT commits to no job losses over coronavirus

The head of Britain’s largest telecoms firm BT said he would donate his salary to health workers for at least six months and award a pay rise to his frontline staff who are m...


How one Silicon Valley factory keeps running in the age of coronavirus

Managers at a small Silicon Valley electronics factory thought they would have to close when the San Francisco Bay Area directed non-essential businesses to temporarily shut down a...

Platform News: Google movements

Google location data shows slump in trips to offices and shopping centres

As we reported yesterday, Google has published reports for over a hundred countries showing whether visits to shops, recreational parks and workplaces dropped last month, when many...


IKEA’s parent group buys start-up to boost virtual home decorating tools

Ingka Group, the owner of most IKEA stores worldwide, has bought Geomagical Labs so it can use the US startup’s technology to give customers more options when trying out furn...


WeWork troubles deepen as SoftBank pulls $3 billion tender offer

SoftBank Group said it has terminated a $3 billion tender offer for additional WeWork shares agreed last year with shareholders, drawing threats of legal action and plunging the fl...


Italy’s social security website hit by major cyber attack

Computer hackers have attacked Italy’s social security website, forcing it to shut down on Wednesday just as people were starting to apply for coronavirus benefits, the head ...