TikTok influencers say ‘everybody is going to take a big hit’

Platform News: Introducing a group of US-based Influencers on TikTok

At a luxury mansion high in the Hollywood Hills, a group of young TikTok influencers bounced around trying out new ideas for zany short-form videos which they hope will go viral.

They are also feeling concerned about their future.

Kids Next Door LA is one of a range of TikTok houses set around the US where adolescents live, sleep and brainstorm creative suggestions for dancing and music movies and seek deals with brands which could earn millions of dollars for the top influencers.

But their livelihoods are now at risk from an executive order by President Donald J Trump that will effectively prohibit the social media program if its Chinese parent ByteDance does not reach a deal to divest it by mid-September.

“For two to five months, maybe, everybody is going to take a big hit. Everyone is going to lose a stream of revenue. I think it’s really stupid… what Trump is doing,” said Adam Miguest 27, known on TikTok as @itsadamm, who is one of the seven influencers in the home.

Walmart Inc said this week it was joining Microsoft in a bid for TikTok’s US assets. ByteDance is expected to decide on a bidder to enter into exclusive talks as early as Friday but it is not clear how any deal would impact the future of the quirky videos which are loved by millions and those who make them.

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Claire Hesser, 18, a former beauty queen, states TikTok has rapidly become a massive part of youth culture.

“I feel like if it gets taken away, I feel it’s going to hurt more rather than benefit… I just wish that they understood that TikTok really does have an impact on our world today and our generation especially,” she said.

It’s not just the influencers that any changes could affect, but also brands trying to do business with them.

“Maybe people shut down sales in store and they were going to do a e-commerce strategy that involved TikTok. It could affect a lot of industries – especially the music industry because so many songs go viral from TikTok,” said Ariadna Jacobs, whose company handles Kids Next Door LA..

Hailey Orona, known online as @real. ona, has 9.5 million followers on TikTok and is about to launch her own beauty line. But she also has 2.8 million followers on Instagram to fall back on.

“If it does get banned, I have a back-up plan, of course, which is to move to the YouTube platform or use the Reels on Instagram,” Orona said.

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