Harry and Meghan decry ‘crisis of hate’ in social media

Harry and Meg

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, have spoken about their ongoing campaign against social media negativity, with Harry warning of a “global crisis of hate” that was affecting people’s mental health.

The Anglo-American duo, currently known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, participated in a two-hour online discussion hosted by Time100 Talks with some of the experts with whom they said they had met this year in their bid to promote more compassion in online forums.

“This is a global crisis. A global crisis of hate, a global crisis of misinformation and a global health crisis,” Harry said in opening remarks for the “Engineering a Better World” discussion.

Henry Mountbatten-Windsor, publicly known as Harry and his wife Meghan, born Rachel Markle moved to Southern California this year to pursue lucrative media and speaking careers after stepping down from their royal roles to escape what they allege is a critical UK media. They are likely to lose their official ‘royal’ titles over coming months as they were accused of endangering the impartiality the UK monarchy always maintains on international political affairs by veiled attacks on the current US Head of State, President Donald J Trump.

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During the discussion, Meghan said it was imperative to make online interactions healthier for everyone.

“This isn’t solely a mental health or emotional well-being problem. This is a human problem. And what’s happening to all of us online is affecting us deeply offline,” she said on Tuesday.

Meghan said last week that she closed all her personal social media accounts some years ago and did not read what people were saying about her online “for my own self-preservation.”

In a podcast conversation with teens earlier this month to mark World Mental Health Day, Meghan said she had been told that “in 2019, I was the most trolled person in the entire world – male or female.”

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