German cartel office extends probe of ties between Facebook and Oculus

Virtual Reality

Germany’s antitrust regulator said on Thursday that it was expanding the scope of its abuse proceedings against Facebook related to the links between its Oculus virtual reality merchandise and the social media system.

The move comes after legislation took effect earlier this month which sets new rules for “undertakings of paramount significance for competition across markets”, the Federal Cartel Office said in a statement.

“An ecosystem which extends across various markets — an almost unchallengeable position of economic power — is particularly characteristic in this respect,” cartel office leader Andreas Mundt said in a statement.

This is the first case in which we are putting the new provisions to use,” he added.

Although antitrust supervision in the European Union lies chiefly from the purview of its Brussels-based executive, Mundt has taken an activist approach towards Facebook and what he believes as abuse of its market dominance.

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Mundt issued an order in February 2019 to curb Facebook’s collection of data from customers, triggering a prolonged court battle that continues.

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