Folksam leak shares data of one million Swedes with tech giants

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Sweden’s largest insurer, Folksam, accidentally leaked private data on about a million of its customers to a handful of the world’s biggest technology companies, it said on Tuesday.

Folksam, which covers 50% of Swedish houses and people, shared the information with tech giants like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn.

“We take what has happened seriously. We have immediately stopped sharing this personal information and requested that it be deleted,” Folksam’s head of marketing, Jens Wikstrom, explained in a statement.

The data contained social security numbers, widely used in Sweden for everyday activities including banking, and information on who’d purchased pregnancy insurance, Folksam said.

European regulators have hit businesses with heavy penalties for data breaches in recent years since more demanding privacy rules have come into force.

The breach was reported to Sweden’s data watchdog, Folksam said.

A spokesman for Sweden’s information inspectorate said it was looking into the matter but hadn’t yet made a decision whether to start an investigation.

Folksam said there was no indication to date that the leaked data has been utilized by third parties in an “improper manner”.

“This should not happen and we are now working hard so that it never happens again,” Wikstrom added.

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