Facebook to reject political ads prematurely claiming victory in US election


Facebook will not accept political ads that want to claim victory before the outcomes of the November election have been declared, a company spokesman has tweeted.

The move expands the company’s strategies, announced earlier this month, to quit accepting new political advertisements in the week prior to the election. At the time, Facebook said political advertisers may restart creating new ads after Election Day.

Democrats have warned of a “red mirage” on election night, citing expected delays in counting a record number of mail-in ballots this year, and increased worries that President Trump could use Facebook to convince people he had won.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has articulated similar concerns about confusion likely to follow the election if outcomes are not immediately obvious.

In his announcement , he explained Facebook was planning to append labels to posts that try to declare victory prematurely or delegitimise the outcome of the election.

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The company is going to consider election results “declared” once they are announced through Reuters and the National Election Pool, which have partnered with Facebook to supply live election outcomes, ” the spokesman, Andy Stone, stated in a subsequent tweet.

Election officials have taken issue with that approach, noting that counting ballots can often take weeks even in ordinary election years, without the extra pressures of the coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook didn’t immediately respond to a question about whether the new rule would apply to elections set to take place on the 3rd of November, or even only the US presidential elections.

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