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Facebook bans false claims about COVID-19 vaccines

Facebook has said it would eliminate false claims about COVID-19 vaccines that have been debunked by public health specialists, following a similar announcement by YouTube in Octob...


Twitter expands hate speech rules to include race and ethnicity

Twitter has expanded its platform policy on hate speech to include “language that dehumanizes people on the basis of race, ethnicity and national origin,” it has said i...

Tencent WeChat

China’s WeChat blocks Australian PM in doctored image dispute

The WeChat platform blocked a message from Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison amid an ongoing dispute between Canberra and Beijing within the doctored tweeted image of an Aust...

Trump Social Media

President Trump vows to veto defence bill unless Section 230 is scrapped

President Trump has just announced that he would veto the $740 billion National Defence Authorization Act unless it includes a measure eliminating a federal law protecting tech com...


Facebook-backed digital coin Libra rebrands itself as Diem

Facebook-backed cryptocurrency Libra was rebranded “Diem” in a renewed effort to get regulatory approval by dreading the project’s genuine independence.


From hate speech to nudity, Facebook’s oversight board launches

Facebook’s independent Oversight Board has announced the first six cases where it might overrule the social networking business’s decisions to remove certain parts of c...

Facebook App

Amnesty: Vietnam steps up online crackdown, jailed activists at record high

The number of political prisoners in Vietnam has reached its highest on record, according to a tally from Amnesty International, which in a report has accused Facebook and Google o...


UK to curb Google and Facebook with tougher competition rules

The United Kingdom will impose a new competition regime from next year in order to attempt to stop Google and Facebook with their dominance to push out smaller companies and disadv...

Tech Titans

France orders tech giants to pay digital tax

France’s finance ministry has sent out notices to large tech companies liable for its own digital service tax to pay the levy as planned in December, the ministry has said.

European Union

EU: Tech giants face fines or even break-up if they breach new rules

Tech giants which violate new EU rules aimed at controlling their abilities could face penalties, be ordered to change their practices as well as be forced to break their European ...


Twitter plans to relaunch its verification program next year

Twitter has released plans for the new policy on how people are “verified” on the site, an area the company has long promised to revamp to handle confusion and criticis...

UK Parliament

UK warns tech firms over risks of China expansion

The UK’s digital and tech businesses must be wary of the ethical, legal and commercial risks of expanding to China and accepting Chinese investment, according to a UK governm...

Big Data

Apple, GroupM and others ask for tough protection for data in Google lawsuit

Apple Inc, advertising giant GroupM and many others requested that the judge hearing the Justice Department’s lawsuit against Alphabet’s Google on Friday to let them de...

Top Joe Biden adviser seen as making tech regulation more likely

Top Joe Biden adviser seen as making tech regulation more likely

Joe Biden’s top tech advisor helped craft California’s landmark online privacy law and recently condemned a controversial federal statute that protects platforms from a...