Uber launches feature in US to let customers reserve rides in advance

Platform News: Ride-hailing app Uber Technologies

Uber Technologies has said it would roll out a new feature in the United States which will enable customers to book scheduled trips up to 30 days in advance.

The feature marks a growth of Uber’s conventional on-demand model and adds to previous endeavours that enable passengers to pick drivers who accept automobiles or provide automobile seats.

Uber is visiting just a slow restoration of its US rides business amid the coronavirus outbreak, with trips in the United States and Canada down 59% in the next quarter compared to last year.

Uber stocks on Monday jumped to the prospect of a coronavirus vaccine.

Business executives said the new Reserve attribute was an answer to customer surveys and focus groups that revealed a demand for an choice to reserve rides in advance for appointments, such as doctor visits.

Uber already offers customers the choice to program rides, but executives said that the new Reserve attribute also allows riders to favour specific drivers and provides $50 in Uber credit in case a reserved ride not arrive punctually.

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Scheduled rides have seen a spike in demand as the beginning of the pandemic in March, said Uber Reserve Product Lead Geoff Tam-Scott.

“On-demand is still going to continue to be our bread and butter… but a lot of riders have told us the appeal of the Reserve experience is create your trip and then don’t worry about it,” Tam-Scott explained.

Uber said it will launch the feature in over 20 American cities in the coming weeks, including in New York, Chicago, Miami, Houston and Seattle.

Reserve initially is limited to Uber’s premium car segments, but may later expand into other price ranges and rural places.

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