US expected to sue Google next week as DOJ seeks support from states

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The US Justice Department is expected to sue Google when next week, and is presently urging state attorney generals to sign up to the litigation, according to three sources knowledgeable about this process.

The suit is expected to accuse Google, builder of the world’s dominant search engine, of looking to disadvantage rivals such as Microsoft’s search platform Bing by depriving them of their information about users and consumer preferences they will need to enhance and to promote to people.

The Justice Department has also been investigating Google’s “search advertising,” the ads that appear beneath a search box if a individual looks up a consumer thing such as “dishwasher.” Google controls the selling of this space under these searches, in addition to the tools to make those ad sales.

The Justice Department declined to comment.

Regarding search, Google has stated users have access to other information resources, like Twitter for news and Amazon for goods. In advertisements, it says it competes with a massive array of companies, such as Oracle and Verizon.

State attorneys general, many of whom are already investigating other Google companies, are in the process of thinking about whether to sign on into the national litigation, the sources said.

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The lawsuit would be the first blow to collapse after the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said last year they’d opened antitrust investigations of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple. Progressive Democrats have praised the attempt.

Separately, President Trump’s administration has stated social media companies, such as Google’s YouTube, have stifled conservative voices.

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