South Korean antitrust chief says Google has undermined competition

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South Korea’s antitrust chief has said the agency considers US search engine Google has undermined competition, including that the bureau intends to present an instance to its inspection committee this year.

Even the US government lodged an antitrust lawsuit against Google on Tuesday, and the organization is facing growing criticism from several lawmakers in South Korea who accuse it of abusing its dominant market position.

Joh Sung-wook, head of the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC), said that it had been investigating allegations that Google limits competition in the mobile application market and operating system marketplace. The KFTC intends to send one of those instances to the deliberation poll by the end of this year, she said, without specifying which.

“When the KFTC looks at Google, there is an act that hampered competition,” Joh informed lawmakers in an annual parliamentary audit.

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The committee will produce a final decision as to whether any laws have been broken up, and could fine the employer, arrange corrective steps or get a prosecution.

Google could not immediately be reached for comment.

Google is under investigation for allegedly obstructing neighbourhood smartphone makers like Samsung Electronics from utilizing other operating systems, as well as forcing programmers to publish their matches just to Google’s Play Store, based on an official in the bureau along with a lawmakers’ document.

South Korea is rated near the top concerning app revenue and also the average number of apps installed each year, thanks to the entire world’s most sophisticated mobile infrastructure, as shown by a blog post by a Google official.

At the housing market of Android phone makers Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, Google Play Store revenue in South Korea stood at almost 6 trillion won (approximately $5.29 billion) at 2019.

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Jo also said that the agency would explore Google’s strategy to charge 30% commissions to get in-app purchases made through its application store.

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