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Google CEO

Google commits $10 billion to accelerate Indian digital economy

Google has said it would spend around $10 billion in India over the next five to seven years through equity investments and tie-ups, marking its biggest commitment to a key growth ...


US slaps French goods with a delayed 25% duties in digital tax row

The Trump admin has announced additional duties of 25% on French cosmetics, handbags and other imports valued at $1.3 billion in response to France’s digital services tax, bu...

Cloud IaaS

News Short: Google shuts down ‘Isolated Region’ cloud project

Google has said it has shut down its cloud project named “Isolated Region” and added that it was not weighing options to offer its cloud platform in China.

Google Fitbit Wearables

European Union regulators checking if Fitbit deal will increase Google’s clout

European Union regulators are checking whether Google’s purchase of Fitbit might allow it to drive rival makers of wearable devices, app developers and other online service p...


US and EU advocacy groups warn against Google’s purchase of Fitbit

Twenty advocacy groups from across the globe have signed a statement urging regulators to be wary of Google’s $2.1 billion bid for fitness tracker company Fitbit Inc because ...


British regulators take aim at Apple’s search engine deal with Google

The payments made by Google to Apple to be the default search engine on Apple’s Safari web browser create “a significant barrier to entry and expansion” for Googl...

Tech Titans

EU throws new rule book at tech giants in competition search

Frustrated by its continuing failure to loosen Google’s grip on search, despite more than $8 billion in fines, the European Union is lining up new rules to level the playing ...


UK watchdog wants tougher checks for Google and Facebook

The British government must introduce new measures to reduce the dominance of Facebook and Google in the digital advertising sector to help make space for other players, Britain...


Google postpones US office reopening to September

Google has said it was delaying the reopening of its US offices by around two months because of a surge in the number of coronavirus cases in some states.

Google France

Google stymies media companies from chipping away at its dominance

Google has upended the best laid plans of European media companies to block it from harvesting data about their readers and slash some of its dominance in online advertising, seven...


Google removes misleading ads in voting-related searches

Google has said that it had removed search ads that charged users searching for voting information large fees for voter registration or harvested their personal data.

Canadian Visa System

Canadian visa programme may lure tech workers blocked by Trump

A fast-track visa programme that Canada launched in 2017 has attracted a growing number of tech workers, and US President Trump’s latest immigration crackdown is set to furth...

Social Media Giants

US government asks tech CEO’s to ensure online platforms not used to spur violence

The US Department of Homeland Security sent a letter to CEO’s of five large tech companies asking them to ensure social media platforms are not used to incite violence in the...


Google to pay some publishers for content

Google has taken a step towards resolving its spat with publishers, saying it would pay some media groups in Australia, Brazil and Germany for high-quality content and expects to d...