Google to stop using Apple tool to track iPhone users

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Google’s iPhone apps such as Google Maps and YouTube will stop using a tool supplied by Apple that permits them to personalize ads, averting a new Apple warning that informs users their browsing is being tracked.

The announcement in a Wednesday blog article by the Alphabet Inc unit comes soon before Apple is expected to begin enforcing new monitoring transparency rules.

Apple for years has supplied apps with a unique identifier, called IDFA, to help them link the same user across multiple apps. The code can be critical in determining to whom to demonstrate an advertisement and monitoring if it prompted them to make a buy.

But Apple has said that early this year it will require that apps show users a one time pop-up message to obtain their consent to access their IDFA.

Facebook along with other app builders are concerned the warning will discourage users from picking in and cripple advertising sales.

As consumers of Google’s apps are generally logged , it’s a monitoring alternative to IDFA and as such its heart ad business would probably not be impacted by Apple’s changes.

However, it warned in its own blog post that advertisers and publishers who rely on its own mobile ad software will experience poorer results without IDFA access.

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Google said it’s developing alternatives for customers but these might not be prepared instantly.

Google added that clients can use its software regardless of whether they show the pop-up and receive the necessary consent, and it isn’t making any recommendations on which they need to do.

Apple stated apps not using IDFA are required to seek user consent should they show and quantify ads based on data acquired from different businesses.

Facebook stated last month it plans to exhibit the pop-up to seek users’ consent.

“Apple has made it clear that if we don’t use Apple’s instant they will block Facebook in the App Store, which would only further damage the people and companies that rely on our solutions every month,” it said.

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