Google steps up campaign against EU push for tough new tech rules

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Google has launched a 60-day strategy to counter the European Union’s push for tough new tech rules by acquiring US allies to push back against the EU’s digital chief and spelling out the costs of new regulations, according to a Google document.

The European Commission will release rules called the Digital Services Act (DSA) on December the 2nd, after which they will need to be reconciled with proposals from EU nations and the European Parliament before they become laws.

The proposal has triggered intense lobbying from US tech giants as well as some European tech peers concerned about the effect on their business models.

The aim is to “remove from the Commission proposal unreasonable constraints to our business model, our ability to improve our products or roll out new features/services,” the document, dated October and seen by journalists at our partner news agency Reuters, said.

When asked about the document, Google said new guidelines should consider that individuals and companies are requesting more from tech companies, instead of less.

“As we’ve made clear in our public and private communications, we have concerns about certain reported proposals that would prevent global technology companies from serving the growing needs of European users and businesses,” Karan Bhatia, VP, international government affairs and public policy, stated.

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The paper suggested raising the pushback against European Commissioner for inner market Thierry Breton, who’s in control of the DSA, by reaching out into the US government and embassies with the message that the new rules threaten transatlantic relations.

It also suggested playing on potential issues in the Commission’s competition unit by stating the DSA interrupts its power. Another leg of the plan is to spell out the costs to consumers and businesses.

The 18-page document also proposed enlisting as allies EU states and European online companies such as Allegro, Trivago,, Zalando and REWE.

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